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this blog tries to promote

material for the art of living…queer

in the belief that culture and the exposure to different views might help for a better living.

the material presented on this blog is for promotional purposes only. Should the holder of the copyright object to the presentation of her/his/their material in this context, please send an email and this content will be removed.

please note that i can and will not take any responsability for the content and the look of external links.

for amendments, fair comments and propositions regarding this blog please use the comments on the bottom of each post or send an email.

thank you and have a gay day!

contact: sunbathinglizard(at)gmail.com

oh – and just that you know:


15 Responses to “about / contact”

  1. ANGELOS Says:


  2. Harald S. Says:

    Hi there!

    I read, you have Element Of Crime – concerts?

    Is it possible to change?

    Have many live-concerts from different bands.

    Greetings, Harald

  3. sunbathinglizard Says:

    i sent you an email: should you not have received it: as you see, your request gets fullfilled – and yes, i am always interested in live-concerts… : – )

  4. attchort Says:

    Hi! i’m dropping a line about der bose bub eugen )

  5. sunbathinglizard Says:

    noted : )

  6. der likedeeler Says:

    hab dich auch in meinen blogroll aufgenommen und würde dich gerne vorstellen. besser wäre natürlich, wenn du es selbst machst. g a s T b e I T r ag {A t/) gm Ai l /DOT\ c o M

  7. sunbathinglizard Says:

    herzlichen dank! ist notiert – weiteres via mail!

  8. Siggi Bäuml Says:

    Hallo Bessi,

    würde Dich gerne für ein Projekt einladen – deshalb sollten wir uns mal kurz irgendwo treffen. Es wird sehr interessant.

    Gruß aus Sachsen


  9. Mike Says:

    Hi – Thanks for the Jivaros Quartet feature – graet band. I heard Goodbye Vincent on Paris radio when I was living there in early 1991. Couldn’t understand French radio announcers at the time so never managed to find out who it was until way tooo late. Have never managed to hear it since. Can’t get the link to work! I’m gutted. Is there anyway you can resurrect the link so that I can lay this eighteen year old ghost to rest? Thanks – Mike

  10. broeckelstein Says:

    so nun bin ich auch da und der blog ist in der lesezeichenleiste….cheerio.
    bis samstag abend.

  11. sunbathinglizard Says:


  12. M Says:

    Hi there, I wonder if you could possibly re-upload the “Dietrich in Rio” LP? (It’s the 50th anniversary of that concert this week). Thanks for all the other material you’re reposting — I had the Ella “Dream Dancing” LP and it is wonderful!

  13. Gerhard Says:


    danke für das Wiederauffinden von Heinrich Heine!

    – lang ist’s her


  14. sunbathinglizard Says:

    gern geschehen…

  15. Chill E.B. Says:

    Hello my friend. Here is some updates on Chill E.B.!
    Watch the new music video on Youtube. The video is creating a buzz.

    Y’ALL BUSTED: http://www.youtube.com/ebchill

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