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cover the crime

February 19, 2009

…they say that the passage of time will cover the crime…

more political dance music – a record i was very much into back then, a record i still find very good today. one of the best breakbeat tracks i know is on this record, and one of my favourite starting lines: all men are equal in the hatred of each other…

musically it has for me been the missing link between sabres of paradise and leftfield. somehow more leftfield – just, hm, meatier – if that explains anything. but very strongly associated to sabres of paradise, since my flatmate back in the days had at the same time i was listening to the aloof a severe sabres of paradise phase. so – the music draws heavily from dub, is not afraid of real hard dancefloor stuff and does some downbeat in between – including a great singer. yep, nice record. very nice record. the aloofcover the crime. lovingly ripped fom vinyl. get it here. and enjoy!

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