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son of a king

October 26, 2007


somehow it seems a little bit unfair to put this great musician in the context of sleaze – on the other hand he did some real dirty tracks – in the most elegant way, of course. yep, prince is just one of the great ones. and after all any occassion is a good occasion to post something by him. he made lots of great albums, wrote a huge amount of songs for other artists, has some of the nicest record covers around (thank you N! i just can’t decide if parade or lovesexy is more fun) and has his unique look – how many men do you know that dare to dress like he does and still have more sex in their little finger then most of the pop business together? aaah – i could write a whole lot about his unique take on masculinity and all that, but i think best is to just have a look at his video to kiss (by the way, has anybody his video to sexy mf? strange enough it is nowhere to be found):

and now for some music – actually quite a lot of music. of course i highly recommend to buy his official releases. and yes, i still think sign of the times is one of the great ones. and it has one of my favourite songs on it: if i was your girlfriend.

then there are tons of prince bootlegs around – and three of them you get today. all three i actually haven’t seen much on the net – the first 2 come from cd’s bought in italy, the last one is actually from the www – thanks to the original uploader!

so first is a bootleg with unreleased stuff – well, i guess mister prince could fill another hundred albums with music stored at his paisley park studios… i especially would like to point out the last song, billy’s sunglasses. a kind of endless jam, slowly building up – just have a look at the running time of the song. here the full tracklist:

Vibrator Talk 1 0:29
Vibrator Talk 2 0:39
Vibrator 7:14
Climax 4:50
Lisa 6:00
Billy’s Sunglasses 51:08

it’s a cd by the danish kicks label (kicks cd115659) called dirty mind by son of a king (but it has nothing to do with the official release by the same name). the quality is very good – except at some points it sounds like the (master?) tape got somehow wound up. get it here.


next is a live bootleg from the u.s. tour in 1982. the qualitiy is not really great, but i love that one for it’s sound of a hard dance party – as an introduction you hear prince say: this is not a concert, this is a dance. and then all the critics love u in new york just pumps away… the tracklist reads as follows:

all the critics love u in new york 12:47
when you were mine 7:26
sexy dancer 7:43
still waiting 11:19
sexuality 23:35
party up 6:28

prince – international lover. get it here (link killed).


yeah, all that old stuff – obviously it is time for something more recent – actually quite recent. mister prince played this year for the first time the jazzfestival montreux in switzerland – claude nobs (the daddy of the festival) wanted him for years and this summer he finally came. tickets were sold out in something like ten minutes, making it the fastest sold out concert in the long history of the jazzfestival montreux. and after playing the regular show prince of course also played an aftershow gig. the songs played were:

1. brickhouse
2. 3121
3. band jam
4. get on the boat

the quality is very good. prince – aftershow jazzfestival montreux, 17 july 2007. get it here.


not enough? then how about some prince covers? the berkeley palace put together some coverversions of her / his favourite prince songs: the top 10 prince songs aka 10 reasons i dig prince covers. and if you still have not enough (greedy bunch, you) there is the follow up 10 more reasons i love prince covers.

and now it is time to listen and enjoy!