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November 18, 2008


Citizen is a brand. A brand for a watch. And maybe this is the only way „citizen“ should be used.
The expression and going with it the concept of citizen is around for quite some time. So it might be better to talk of concepts in the plural. Concepts formulate in different ways the social role, its rights and duties of the individual. As ideas of society changed, so did change the concept of the citizen. Ideas of society and its structure, the nature of the human being, and his role in society, being a citizen, are depending on each other, are inextricably linked. The ideas of how society should be, of how the ideal society should be, depend on the formulation of the ideal way of participation, of being a citizen – an ideal society consists of ideal citizens, and ideal citizens need an ideal society. The argument is circular, one of mutual dependency. The one is not possible without the other.

But these days, observing the political talk, the arts, science, the publication of numerous surveys taken, the thought could occur that we do not imagine an ideal society anymore. That we do not dream of utopia anymore. Looking back in history and the dystopian experiences that have been made this might be not a bad thing, especially since these old dreams were always ideal in the sense of perfect. And perfect might be not human, after all.
So the dream is over. We seem to accept the imperfect society – some maybe even supposing that the imperfect is the perfect in disguise. But if we postulate this society, what sense lies in talking of members of this society as citizens, as ideal, as perfect members of this society?  It makes sense if one is still dreaming. But it does not make sense out of the mouths of too many politicians. We are treated by our governments and bureaucracies in the best case as consumers, in the worst as a nuisance. And regardless of the political structure of a given state, politicians seem to adopt a patronizing attitude – be it by not even allowing votes, be it by forging votes, be it by expecting a vote to be voted „the right way“. If this does not happen, then the voters have not been able to understand, the matter at hand has been too complex. And they should be citizens? Ideal members of society?
So the use of the word citizen in this context is an accusation: you are citizens, you should vote this way. And if you would be citizens, knowing what is good for you, then we would have a better society – maybe even an ideal society. The connection between society and citizen described at the beginning of this text looses its circularity: the citizen is suddenly a prerequisite for a better, the ideal society. But since no thought is wasted on formulating a better, or even an ideal society, why waste a thought on the citizen? The talk of citizen has of course always followed a political agenda – but the only political agenda these days in the use of the word citizen seems one of disciplining. Of telling us that we never will reach that ideal, and that therefore we should obey. But then one should not talk of citizens, but of children, lost in the dark. Additionally the use of citizen as described above also insinuates that there is only the government and us, the citizens. It is a simple tool not to have to talk about other actors on the political and social stage that influences the government, society, our daily lives.
So the talk of the citizen turned from a thinking about possibilities how to structure our society, our living together, our daily lives, of where to go as a society and as individuals, of an ideal to strive for, to an accusation, to a shortcoming on our part, to an ideal that basically only implies its unattainability. We citizens that are not living up to being good citizens, not taking up our responsibilities and that therefore have to be lead, have to be taken by our hands, all while being the only ones responsible for the current state of affairs.

If we are not able and willing to say and think about in what kind of society we live and in what kind of society we would like to live, what our roles might be, who we are and who we would like to be, what our rights are, where our responsibilities lie, and to admit also our imperfections, then i can not be and don’t want to be called a citizen.

This is why the word citizen maybe should only be used as a brand name for a watch.

text by dkb. thanks to charlie and rayelle

winter-time 3

November 3, 2008

image by dkb

winter-time 1

November 2, 2008

image by dkb

reverse request: the red velvet tape

August 2, 2008

it’s alread a while ago that dkb fullfiled a request of mine: he ripped his maybe most elegant mix, the red velvet tape, for me. oscillating between house, pre-minimal and detroit with long tracks, hypnotizing, drawing you in, it always has been one of may favourites. and my copy of that tape was therefore in a rather sorry state… but now here you get it fully digitized.

and then dkb started something i was kind of planning: he started putting up my series of compilations favourites 2004. yeah, another trip down memory lane… of course they are still excellent! they were made for listening – the style varies: the respective title gives you an indication what kind of mood to expect. bergsee has been the most successfull – my personal favourites are chocolatecoveredsoul and your head on my chest . and yes, these two should be listened to in this order. one of these series i actually posted quite a while ago here.

but relistening now to these compilations i am amazed how much i actually still like all of them. with salz, that might be the darkest, i am proud of myself of the variety of musical styles that nevertheless fit together very well… and well, the dub of kiss the sky is fun, so is the latin flavoured les grandes moustaches – and spirals has a nice story i always will remember while listening to it… so – enough of my getting all excited about…myself. head over there and have a listen for yourself! Enjoy!

pointers: d.k.b – and then some more great music

March 31, 2008

well – great music will also come up here – i am just listening thru some stuff to do some posts about. something…different. but then that’s to be expected, right? and then i got some more stuff from the duchess and then i guess i have to post some dirty guitars for all the visitors from the twilightzone!

in the meantime:

d.k.b. finally did it! time to pat me on the shoulder…eeerr, to pat him on the shoulder: he started his own blog, throwing up his art (music and images). very slick. so head over and have a look! very slick and of course in a good way…hmmm…strange.


(tearoom 4 B by dkb)

and then i would like to send you over to urbanology for some music: if you liked lord antics, then you most probably also like the kingstonians. and he posted booker t. & the m. g.’s – aaah, yes. and he promised to post some otis, too. but the best is still to come: fat freddy’s drop – live in amsterdam. mmmhhh – this is so smooth and gentle and nice – who needs springtime with music like this? i have to admit that they shone up on my radar, but i never took the time to listen to them. shame on me. one of the great discoveries of the last months for me.

so – that’s all for now. keep these comments flowing and – enjoy!


March 25, 2008
thanks to dkb

et hop! el electro

February 2, 2008


to get you in the mood for the next et hop!-post which will be rather big (it will be closer to “my turf”) here a mix that foreshadows what i will be talking about and what i will propose you to listen to.

it is one of these rare mixes that stayed over the years with me. i do listen to quite some dj-mixes – most mixes i listen to once or twice – then there are the mixes i take a liking to and listen to quite a lot over a period of time. and then there are very few mixes that never leave, that i listen to over and over again over the years, that become iconic for various reasons. the mix i present today is one of them.

it is a mix that is uncompromising in its musicality – it has quite a scope and a strange flow that seems somehow odd but is at the same time compelling. and being so focused on being musical, it seems to me in an interesting way an elusive mix: somehow i always think i get it – but i do have to relisten to it again and again. the beauty in it all is that i never get it: it seems that this mix is made to make sense in many ways and manages everytime to shift its sense depending on when and where i listen to it.

not a stranger to this blog, it is a mix by d.k.b. (yeah, really one of your best ones!) called el electro. i do not know why “el” (related to the cover?) – but the “electro” points you into the direction of the musical genre, loosely…


get it here. i ripped it from tape as 2 mp3-files (side a / side b), the coverart is inluded. and you better listen to it on a good system / with good headphones: it has quite some bass…



the san francisco tape

October 19, 2007


it’s saturday evening and you are just thinking about what to wear. you realize that your friends will soon show up, your dealer hasn’t called back yet and you still don’t know what to wear. so things are slowly heating up…

so something not disco, but showing disco’s influence – a house tape by d.k.b.: the san francisco tape. house with disco and funk samples, for me fitting here because i think it has that disco-feel, this euphoria, but gentle and softly muted, driving and up, but not (yet) peak time. you can still sit down with your friends and have that first drink of the night…

ripped from tape@192, 2 mp3 files (side a / side b).

get it here.



September 30, 2007


and here you get part two. enjoy!

September 28, 2007


i posted already two mixes by dj d.k.b. without giving you any information on the man. since i have a lot of his mixes i will give you a short indroduction to the man.

coming from switzerland he never became famous, but he was certainly infamous.

” i guess my problem was that i was never satisfied as a dj to just deliver what people were expecting – i wanted to educate them that there is a lot more great music out there that you can dance to as well. so my dj-sets were either hated or the whole room was rocking. coming from a detroit-techno background i nevertheless thought that the best sets are the ones where one tries to incorporate also a lot of other styles. personally i like to dance to dj’s that keep on surprising me. and i still think that a lot of lines that people draw regarding musical styles are rather artificial. funny enough people did like my chill out sets a lot, though. i more or less quit djing a couple of years ago – i bought too many records and did not get enough bookings. i guess i also got a little bit tired – too many parties in general. and my life changed at a certain stage quite radically. other thing with my mixes: there i tried to make a tape / cd that you can listen to repeatedly and that maybe even stands the test of time. i did some nice compilations as well which have been well received by my friends. and of course i am very flattered that you put up some of my old stuff. (d.k.b. – my translation)”

true true – he was sometimes pretty wild. i personally liked when he had the first or the last slot of evening: he would start with rather slow and gentle sounds and slowly work towards the faster and harder stuff. a great way to start your dancing night. and as an after hour dj he played a lot of really banging, out there shit which was very appropriate for a wasted crowd. and they usually went wild. but i also remember that he sometimes really dared to go far: after playing an hour of straight techno he would suddenly drop some really hilarious discotunes – some people loved it, others were totally upset since you can not play such cheesy and commercial music in an underground techno club… and one of the worst evenings must have been when he played a straight detroit techno set in front of a trance crowd. the club was full but nobody was dancing – and i was standing up there with him (to give him some moral backing, but realizing that he fucked it big time), and some guy came up, just when he was playing the bells by jeff mills, demanding that he finally play some music one can dance to, something with a rhythm. ooops.

and true, he might have been sometimes too wild, but i always thought that you could feel that every record he played he really liked. and his wide musical range made indeed for excellent chill out sets – there he was not provocative, but gentle. i do remember some very nice trips. yeah, back in the days when we were young…

so what you get today is actually a chill out cd, well, part one of a two cd-set called earth flow. a little bit pop, a little bit downbeat, and a lot more. it flows rather elegantly with a slight melancholic tinge. just the right thing for a sunny weekend in fall…

get it here.

and if you like it – i got a lot more of his stuff.


September 26, 2007


and here the last (for the time being) post in the drum ‘n’ bass style. i found it appropriate to present to you another very nice mix by dj d.k.b. – this time an atmospheric mix called whatever from 1997 i have very nice memories of…

…sitting at the pool in a sixties-style hotel in san francisco. palms illuminated by pink spots…and the sneaker pimps having their after-show-beer at the other side of the pool. and me listening in the warm night to this mix, drifting off with my thoughts…

so here the mix.

dkb – whatever, ripped@192 as two mp3 files (side a/side b)


and as a bonus you get the first track of the mix, the classic inner city life by goldie to watch / listen to:

sound of the bullet

September 18, 2007


we get a little bit less hard but stay with the fast drums and the deep bass – seemingly you do not like your music too hard anyway. this time we get rather dark. so let’s take the ghost train with sound of the bullet. one of my favourite mixtapes from the golden period of dark drum ‘n’ bass by dj d.k.b..

the full title, guns don’t kill, the sound of the bullet in the flesh does, refers actually to a sound installation by franz pomassl (and a speech about sonic warfare, if i remember correctly). the tape dates from august 1997 and i ripped it in two mp3 files at 192. enjoy and be ready to dive deep…

get it here.