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when time becomes a loop

July 8, 2008

i have been reminded these days of a post i made last summer:

“i don’t care – it is music, which makes, when you come home in the evening after a day that took its toll and you had to deal with a somehow surprisingly small-minded world (yes, and you have been taken by surprise, again), just by listening to it, a good day.”

although the circumstances are rather different, the feeling of today echoes my sentiments of then. hmmm… and i do repeatedly listen to a record which touches me similar to the way melnyk’s kmh does – it is funny, but james blackshaw‘s new record seems really like a brother to lubomyr melnyk‘s record – it is the same attitude of these artist towards music, i think… as a really interesting coincidence, also this record is up on the cookshop. yeah – when time becomes a loop… so say thank you over at the cookshop and do not miss this music because there are times when you need beauty.