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september song – lotte lenya sings kurt weill

April 23, 2008

lotte lenya – surabaya johnny

so we are going back to the source, in a way. just to get you an idea how kurt weill songs sound when sung by maybe the most important singer for his music: lotte lenya. after all she was married to kurt twice…

and you all know lotte lenya: maybe you do not know that it is lotte lenya – she was also a sucessfull actress and maybe her most famous role was the mean KGB-dyke in the james bond movie from russia with love. funny i remember that even as a kid i realized that she was hot for the blond girl. which was in turn hot for james bond. which i was hot for, too (still am, actually – and from russia with love has the added bonus of turks with moustaches – although in doctor no he wears blue swimming trunks – well, i could now go on about sean connery for a while…) where were we? yes, lotte lenya and kurt weill – well, not much i can write about them, since there are a couple of good resources with a lot of information available. try for example the kurt weill foundation for music.

i would just like to point out that he not only worked with bertold brecht (for the famous three penny opera and the rise and fall of mahagonny), but also with a lot of other great writers for his songs (and he not only composed songs, by the way). some of these songs are definitly standards these days, sung by many known artists. so maybe – like you know lotte lenya without knowing that it is lotte lenya – you might also know the music of kurt weill without knowing that it is kurt weill.

some of the best known songs in english have been recorded by lotte lenya after the death of her husband and published as september song and other american theatre songs of kurt weill sung by lotte lenya.

here the tracklist – you might recognize some titles and / or writers:

SEPTEMBER SONG lyrics by Maxwell Anderson
IT NEVER WAS YOU lyrics by Maxwell Anderson
SAGA OF JENNY lyrics by Ira Gershwin
FOOLISH HEART lyrics by Ogden Nash
SPEAK LOW lyrics by Ogden Nash
SING ME NOT A BALLAD lyrics by Ira Gershwin
LONELY HOUSE lyrics by Langston Hughes
A BOY LIKE YOU lyrics by Langston Hughes
GREEN-UP TIME lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
TROUBLE MAN lyrics by Maxwell Anderson
STAY WELL lyrics by Maxwell Anderson
LOST IN THE STARS lyrics by Maxwell Anderson

although this record is not the oldest i posted, it certainly sounds like. i even had to fade in the first song (september song) after about a third: the first third has a very mean scratch. but then this record has been reissued on cd (with the back cover as front cover) – so if you want no patina, you do have the possibilty to do so. for all the others: get it here. and enjoy!