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fishing for words and melodies: garish

June 8, 2008

time to get a little bit more…contemporary.

the parrallel to the last post is that this band is also singing in german, although they would have a local dialect. and that it is also pop – but pop in a different sense: the reference coming to mind is definitly radiohead.

so let me introduce you to the austrian band garish. rather successfull in their native country, they are unfortunately, in my opinion, not very well known in the rest of the world. time i’ll change that (right, that’s called delusional). i got to know them with their second record, wo die nacht erzählt vom tag – the comparison to radiohead is definitly fitting: pop that is not afraid to explore different musical territories – in a way less gritty (i’m tempted to write cuter – alas, i did it) then radiohead, but then this is (like good pop should be) also deceiving. a very musical band with a talent for complex yet appealing melodies and a singer with – especially for german sung music – a unique way of phrasing and singing and singing wicked lyrics, playing with words and meanings. i remember seeing an interview with the band where as usual the question arose why they sing in german, and the singer answered that the german language just offers, already through its syntax (having the verb at the end of the sentence – i know it annoys many learning that language, since the sense of the sentence only becomes clear at its end) there are so many possibilities for playing with meaning and a great opportunity to deceive the listener…

how it sounds? well, here the first video they ever made, draussen fischt im eis (from the above mentioned record):

like what you hear? well, you can get garish – wo die nacht erzählt vom tag here.

somehow i did not like the record that followed, absender auf achse – but then i usually don’t like records with songs using children choirs (except it is marc almond) – well, that was not the only reason, somehow i was missing a certain coherence… but then i guess they finally had the time and means to explore different ideas. fair enough.

then their latest record, parade, which came out last year, is very good again – still that very musical sensibility, but this time in a certain way more….hmmm….rootsy? but then let’s not forget that they are from austria, so “roots” might means something else then americana. and then again there is another comparison that comes to mind – especially if you are going to hear the acoustic version of was kein wort je erklärt (from parade) below. it just very strongly reminds me of great lake swimmers… hmmm… (which gives me the opportunity to direct to there) but then as usual you might better listen to it yourself and draw your own conclusions – and enjoy!

and as always: for more information you can visit the band’s website.