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October 16, 2008

Just a sidenote:
Today I coincidentally attended a lecture by Fred van der Kooij on acting in movies where van der Kooij showed a clip with the relatively unnown actress Brigitte Helm, claiming that she was far more versatile in her acting than Dietrich or Garbo ever could have been.

The clip he showed proved him absolutely right and so Brigitte Helm is my new Glitz & Glam heroine of the 20ies/30ies.
You might remember the female lead character Maria in Fritz Langs Metropolis.  that’s her.
Brigitte Helm (what a charmingly uncool name, much cooler though than her real name Schittenhelm) gave up acting after being typecast for roles where she had to play the angel that turns into a vamp and vice versa.

Here an excerpt from Die wunderbare Lüge der Nina Petrowna (by Hanns Schwarz)

and the first scene of Abwege by G.W. Pabst


memi beltrame

thanks! me loves some reader participation.

funny enough i never really considered marlene dietrich that much an actress – she was just…marlene dietrich. but then you know that me and movies…i am just not that educated.


June 10, 2008

so – i finally managed to force m to leave a comment – and since there are quite some pointers i would like to represent this comment here – and add some comments of mine, too.

…btw: werner herzog has somehow become the epitomy of the selfcontrolled, ultracool director. he’s a true rockstar
e.g. when klaus kinski goes berzerk

true – very cool and selfcontrolled – and then he manages to tell us that he is the one to fear. fantastic.

the whole rant (enacted with pantoffel-puppets!) is here:

or he gets shot

or henry rollins sucks up to him

well – there would be a lot to say about henry rollins, of course. what i find fantastic is that werner herzog comes across tougher then mister rollins when he explains the “being shot at episode” – which is an interesting episode (see link above) because we get to see his somehow surprising choice of underwear. hmmm…

unfortunately i am not that familiar with werner herzog’s body of work (especially concerning his newer stuff). what i found always fascinating was the relationship between him and klaus kinski, his alter ego, his nemesis, his best fiend:

the above clip is an excerpt from that movie, presenting a short bit of his (in)famous performance of jesus christ erlöser – more information you’ll find on this website.

what is somehow odd – because it fits in this series of posts of “old stuff”, of digging out music from the past, is that an interview of klaus kinski is one of my earliest tv-memories. i remember being totally flabbergasted – finally someone who dared to be, well, normal. to tell a journalist that the question asked sucks.

i might get around one day to do something more substantial on mister kinski – for the time being have a look at youtube: there is quite a lot to see. and funny to see that old interview and realising that next to him sits manfred krug (which is a different story again…).


June 10, 2008

mb stands for memi beltrame. and memi beltrame does movies. nice movies. wicked movies. time he becomes famous….

so here an indication where he comes from – a documentary, him discussing with his mother his early experiences with film… yeah, the early exposure to fellini and herzog explains quite a lot.

for more movies by mister beltrame (be it about spaghettis, be it about the (too) perfect lover) you can go here.


and for more information and fan-mail please visit his website.

rat race

June 9, 2008

for mb