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goddess. 300.

August 29, 2011

because it is post number 300, and because it does fit to the following post, and because i always wanted to post it and never found the right spot which is silly because as A once observed so very correctly: nina simone always works.

nina simone does indeed always works for me: soothing and stimulating, soft and raw, exciting and lazy – her music makes me feel good, consoles me at times and questions me at others. this shall be reason number one calling her a goddess.

this might be the right moment to clarify that a) i do have a rather extensive pantheon of goddesses and gods in my musical pantheon, and b) music isn’t my religion. just a basic need.

as for reason number 2: ms nina simone is frequently referred to as the high priestess of soul. to set that off i prefer her calling a goddess. i just don’t see her as a priestess (even less a high priestess). for me her music isn’t about adhering (as i imagine a priestess would do) but about exploring. life. taking all what she sees fit from various styles, genres, moods, and feels. which would seem erratic if it would not be unified and given sense by her. very much a goddess in her musical universe.

as for the soul part: i have my nina simone vinyl between old blues and some of my favourite jazz (although i’m always tempted to wedge baltimore somewhere near sade). as much as i acknowldege that soul-music does define a ceratin genre, i do find nina simone’s music is not slotting nicely into the soul-as-genre-slot. there is so much more (the aforementioned blues and soul just being some other parts).

understanding soul not as a genre but as music emotionally and spiritually touching her music is of course soul music.

for yout to sample some of the variety of her musical expression i propose 3 different flavours from different times and places – all live. enjoy!

the great show of nina simone live in paris, ripped from vinyl as 4 tracks (each side as one track)









Nina Simone live at Drury Lane 1977 (bootleg) – this comes via the BigO – many many thanks for sharing this.









Madame Nina Simone – Nina Simone live at the Jazzfestival Montreux in 1990 (bootleg). not really sure where i got this from at the time – thanks to the anonymus uploader. unfortunately the last track is not complete… if someone would like to share the complete version: yes, please.