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June 17, 2008

like balm – soothing. balm for your ears, cooling your nerves after too much exposure to all the noise out in the world. and like balm this music slowly permeats you and you realize that under that layer of silky electronic pop there is more, it goes deeper – it’s knowing music, telling you something you can not quite grasp…

i would describe it as unheimlich – i don’t know if it is the quiet, nearly whispering voice or the lyrics or the layered calmness of the music. i guess i just have to listen again and again to the music of philip waigl.

yeah, when i started this blog i thought i would post a lot more about netlabels and their artists – but then there are a couple of blogs doing that already very well – and i underestimated the fun to put stuff up from my (you guessed right: rather extensive) record collection. but philip waigl i already had in mind – i was somehow waiting for the right moment – and with all the electronica bewtween dancefloor and nightdrives and dark nights at home posted and mentioned in the preceeding posts i think now is a good moment. philip waigl came to my attention when he published his record monsters on the excellent netlabel thinner. and since then i like to loose myself in this music that in a strange way gets at you, inside you…

so i recommend you visit philip waigl’s website – there you’ll find more information and links to all the music he published on different netlabels, where you can download the respective albums – yes, for free. and have also a listen to his piano music (the riverside LP). yes, the web can be a wonderfull place…finding pearls.