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something warm

December 24, 2008


and here my gift to you for the holidays: something warm. oscar peterson. one of my classics – a record that just has this good mood vibe – and that funny enough for me fits perfectly for the morning of the 25th, when slowly everybody, at different times of course (j is usually the last) gets up and meets in the kitchen, and there is fresh coffee, and the kids are already playing with their new toys, and the sun is shining, and it’s great because it’s going to be a lazy day with friends and family…

oh, yeah, right: christmas

December 24, 2008

i know, posting has been slow to say the least: overwhelmed with work (hey, i’m getting old and i need the money) and when not working, then i’m sick in bed… yes, this month has been rather tiring. and wow, it is already christmas!

fgthfrontsmallto get you in the mood i thought of a painfully obvious choice. according to a german tv-station this has been voted the second most popular christmas song. but then there are vampires in the lyrics? never got that one… and well, to mak e things interesting i present to you the long version – and then i still think it is one of the greatest power kitsch songs – maybe prince’s purple rain rivals it: the power of love by frankie goes to hollywood. see, i told you it is a painfully obvious choice… but then there is the flip side of this 12″, too – and it just shows that someone was too blunted… and to come back to that vote of most popular christmas songs: number one was last christmas by wham. that makes it clear that even the holy family holiday has been taken over by queers… or they are at least allowed to provide the background for the christmas shopping…

well, i am actually happy to finally post some fgth – after all i do find welcome to the pleasure dome way underrated. i might get into that some time later… much later, i guess, since i am so frustratingly behind schedule with this blog…

but for now i suggest you lean back and have some aural pleasure… get the power of love here – and watch out for these vampires ( i still don’t get it…).

and oh, yeah, right: happy christmas!

detour: the girl from greece

December 3, 2008

it is not really a detour, though – we stay with something like the american songbook, sung by a girl from greece. by one of the best selling artists, recording uncounted (well, someone surly counted them) records in many languages, hailing from greece: nana mouskouri.

nmnyinsidesmallshe came to my mind by the little sidenote in previous posts about good collaborations: ms mouskouri collaborated with…quincy jones. yes. it was a surprise for me, too. i remember when i bought the record, my record dealer actually said that one wonders what would have become of nana mouskouri if she would rather have chosen the path shown on this record. and i know what he means. he was right, but it also felt somewhat unfair. so for this post i have been thinking about cheesy music  – and came to absolutely no conclusion. and then it is also a somewhat futile discussion…

back to the record: it is a very nice record – it’s actually a cd-reissue (i do not have everything on vinyl, mind you) which is done beautifully – definitly recommended. and this record is a nice contrast to hildegard knef’s interpretation of cole porter – while ms knef goes the way of appropriating the songs, ms mouskouri works somewhat different. well, have a listen for yourself. and dont’ you just like this picture where she shows us some nice attitude? yeah!

and while we’re with nana mouskouri and collaborations: i just recently realized that she and harry belafonte did collaborate, too – touring together. and recording together. and since it is getting dark very early these days, what better then to propose to you an evening with mr belafonte and ms mouskouri, singing both in greece. and harry belafonte sounds really good in greek. hmmm… and yes, another interesting cover (she does not wear her glasses!). so – enjoy!



December 1, 2008