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groove and smile: les satellites

February 13, 2008

and suddenly we have a trilogy of french underground sounds from the 80’s… well – i am sure i will in the future come back to the topic – some great music still waits to be unearthed.

for today i propose to – groove and smile with les satellites. also coming out of the french underground of the 1980’s, they actually enjoyed quite some success. to describe them is rather easy: they sound like the hysterical french version of the b52‘s with the added bonus of having a horn section. funky, danceable music with that kinky 60’s cocktail party-touch. i see the girls dancing in tight cocktail dresses shaking their bob and boys in black, tight suits shimiing along in pointy shoes… and appropriatly enough they finish their record with a surf instrumental. so i hope this record might give an idea of the rather big musical scope of the french (punk)undergound at the time. after all, their first records came out on the label bondage (“play me sexy”), which also published bands like washington dead cats (psychobilly à la king kurt), ludwig von 88, and most famously: bérurier noir. with some of these bands les satellites not only shared the label, but also went on tour.

lyrically les satellites drew from a big range of inspirations: annoying neighbours, strange families, invasions of crawfish, tv-series (steed wanting to retire), and of course: parties! be it the dancing to devilish rhythms, be it showbizz-parties, where: “…on se prend par derrière on se prend par devant…la la la, tu le sais que j’aime ça…”. aaah – i just love these lines…


so if you are in the mood to slurp some cocktails and shake your body, get their first record les satellitesdu grouve et des souris, here (ripped from vinyl@224). and although they do not exist anymore, they do have their own website – for some more information you might want to go there. if you want some more information on the artist who did this very nice cover, jean-christophe menu, go here. and now

“what dou you mean? i rhythm mean blues!
what do you shake? i shake my hands!
what do you move? i move my body!
what are you dancing with? i’m dancing with my feet!
ah! ah! ah! shiliba, shiliba, shiliba”