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et hop! paradise don’t come cheap

January 11, 2008

mad? definitly. if you have read the comments to the rumi-post over at square dancing…, then you might guessed that i would post now this one. it fits nicely in the context of o.h.m. for being also an outstanding, unique record (althoug it is the second record they made – but then i do find the first one far less interesting) and certainly has also a lot of madness like rumi – or maybe like the weirder stuff of the beasty boys (the really weird and screeching stuff). but it is not the hysterical, big city neurotic-ness of the beasty boys. it is slower, the voices are deeper – it is a madness born out of the desert and its endless highways, not neurotic, but rather psychotic. real dirty hip hop – not dirty because it is vulgar (it is not), but dirty because of the music. and yes, again i post a hip hop record that really is on the margins of what most people would call hip hop. it is in a sunburned way harsh – but then it does have also its dose of humour…

after doom and the apocalypse, at the last day we will get divided into the ones destined for hell – and the ones destined for heaven. and if you are catholic and have been bad you still get a chance via the purgatory. but – and that seems very catholic to me – remember: paradise don’t come cheap! so even afterlife sucks – but at least we still have great music…
so let me introduce you to new kingdom‘s paradise don’t come cheap. seemingly out of print, i feel it my duty to make it available here to everybody interested.


i ripped it as two mp3-files (side a / side b) @224 from vinyl – the tracklist is included. get it here and – enjoy!

there are rumours (since years) of a follow up to paradise don’t come cheap – but so far these rumours are just that: rumours. for more information on new kingdom you can visit the un-official site, a fan site called newkingdomcity.