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night fever

October 20, 2007


so you want more? you want to dance really all night long? so you need a sure burner, one that keeps you going. so you get night fever by the fatback band. a solid dance record. a very solid one. if i remember correctly they started out as a funk band – and one hears it. a solid funky base – and what a bass! that should surely make you groove… here wolf mahn’s line “der bass macht dich nass” makes suddenly sense: this bass makes you wet! so no slick disco – but sweaty, driving one. there is one slow song on the record – just that you get some air – but for the rest the steamy disco train just rides on…

the band still exists and records and performs – for details visit their webpage,

so here you get night fever. ripped@192 in two mp3 files: side a / side b. the tracklist reads as follows:

side a: night fever – a little funky dance – if that’s the way you want it – the joint (you and me)

side b: disco crazy – the booty – no more room on the dance floor – december 1963 (oh what a night)

so feel the night fever move your booty to a little funky dance on the dance floor and get disco crazy!