yes, i am suprised myself. it has been a long time. but then:

  • the year-end statistics show an interest for this blog – even dormant
  • i need to get off my lazy ass and stop watching too much tv
  • jeff mills (and to a degree derrick may) kind of threw the gauntlet in an interview with RA. well, there is a challenge. not sure if i will take it on – but it got me thinking…
  • that fruity program on my fruity computer keeps on doing funny things, i.e. i am not sure what happens, but it does shuffle my music around in funny ways. i realized it is inspiring, though.
  • and yes, it might help me sort certain things out. or not. we will see
  • and there is still a lot of music that deserves to be heard

then please be aware that i will not be able to fulfill any (re-up) requests, as i do not have access to my archive. i am also a little bit wary of posting music, as i’ve seen that in the last year many music blogs got into trouble… (although i had more problems with pictures).

well, then let’s see what this year will bring!

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