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la gianna – encore

February 11, 2008

ehi ragazzi! ho ancora trovato delle vecchie k7 – e sorpresa! una k7 col concerto di gianna nannini al jazzfestival montreux in 1984…aaah!


yep – coming out of a box with really old tapes is a concert of gianna nannini, which i would like to share with you. live from the jazzfestival montreux in 1984 (the tape is more the 20 years old…). a tight performance with a lot of pressure, gianna in great form and the public loving it…yeah!

the quality is good – it’s taped from the radio, unfortunately in mono – and well, you do hear that the tape has a certain age. it’s ripped in three parts – and part of ragazzo dell’ europa/california is missing. in any case well worth a listen (or two, or three, or…). gianna nannini at the jazzfestival montreux in 1984: get it here. enjoy!


request: gianna, aller guten dinge sind drei

December 13, 2007

allright – it’s a somewhat cheesy title. but then i just listened to some bobby o – and after that nothing seems to be that cheesy anymore.


so – the gianna nannini request has expanded to a trilogy – with a rather spectacular finishing post: a live bootleg! i have been searching for live recordings of la gianna – but never ever came across one (not even in italy). well, there is a good official live record out by her (tutto live) – but it’s already something like 20 years old. so i was unable to obtain a live recording from her aria tour (yes, i insist that this might be the best record she made so far, although by doing some research on her i found out that everybody seems to dislike it), i’ve seen her perform live on that tour, too, and was very much impressed. well, a bootleg of one of her acoustic concerts would certainly be very nice, too. including a pic of the little hot violin player, please. and while we’re at it: his phonenumber, as well.

but for the time being i have been digging in my crates with tapes and came up with a recording capturing her performance on july 13th, 1991 at the jazzfestival montreux. a very tight performance, very rock (yeah, sometimes i am not sure about these guitars – but it was definitly the sound back then) – and the crowd is definitly going for it. but then gianna nannini has a stunning stage personality. and the jazzfestival montreux is very often able to give the concerts a very celebratory note. as a little extra there is a short guest appearance by les frères coulibaly who played after her on that evening – yes, the programming in montreux is sometimes rather, hm, interesting.

the recording (obviously a recording of a radio broadcast, so the quality is pretty good) is ripped from tape as two mp3 files @224. and no, i made no tracklisting – but be not afraid, the essential hits are on it (as long as it has ragazzo del europa on it, which it does, i’m fine). so get that rarity, gianna nannini live at the jazzfestival montreux in 1991 here.

and remember: if you come across another live recording of one of her performances, or his phonenumber, let me know!

and now enjoy gianna’s live-energy!

UPDATE: one just has to wish for it… the ultimate bootleg experience just posted another gianna nannini bootleg. a more recent one from her grazie tour, recorded this summer in lugano, switzerland. get it here!


request: gianna, the second

December 13, 2007

ha – you already thought that this is all by gianna for now? wrong. also rather unknown and published before her breakthrough is her second record, una radura…


although it has been re-editioned once as cd, some time ago her website listed this record as out of print, too (and her record puzzle, which i find somewhat, well, puzzling since it has been one of her very successfull ones). although she could have re-issued it this year as “special 30 year edition” or so – since that seems to be really fashionable these days… but then she publishes a best of record these days – although i doubt that anything from the first two records will be on that best of.

una radura… is already more, hm, animated then her first record. fuller instrumentation, more dynamic, also in her use of the voice. and yes, it has some very good songs on it. and i would be very curious to find out what someone that has no or little knowledge of italian pop / rock music thinks about this record. this because i was musing the other day that the internet is far from being able to lift all the borders – the moment there is a language border, distribtuion of music sometimes seems to become difficult? so, if you are curious enough to dowload it, although you have absolutely no connection to “the italian” – let me know what you think…

so here you get gianna nannini, una radura…

ripped track by track as mp3’s from vinyl@224. enjoy!


request: gianna, the first

December 10, 2007

aaah, la gianna…

gianna nannini. one of the great italian singers. great and unique voice. great songs with great lyrics. powerful live persona. i kind of lost a little bit touch with her work in the nineties – to my ears it just sounded too overproduced. but then she came “back” with the stunning album aria.

but only lately i found out that she already made records before her breakthrough record california. her first record is from 1976 and simply titled gianna nannini. less rock, more singer / songwriter in a pop-way then her later work, it is actually a very nice record. so i do not understand why it has never been re-issued. requested by my favourite lesbian couple (gianna nannini has a devoted lesbian following, although she was (still is?) somewhat reluctant to to be a full-out lesbian…), i of course have to oblige (they might be petite and cute, but..).


i ripped it from vinyl@224 as mp3’s track by track. so get gianna nannini’s first record here. enjoy!

you’ll find her official website here.

and if you can catch her live: do it!