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November 30, 2010

world aids day

this time some music – not so sure with words this time…

it is a beautiful piece of music . and yes, it is a requiem, written from the son for the father.

looks like the 1. of december is becoming my personal 1. of november….

what is special on this recording is the second lead voice, the soprano, as it evokes through the explicit choice of a boy’s soprano innocence, innocence as in “not knowing yet” of the hardship’s of life… that choice makes certainly sense to me. it makes it mourning music of the peaceful, nostalgic, hopeful kind… well, i let you dwell on it yourselves.

ripped from vinyl as 2 files – get it here.

please note that on the record is an additional piece of music which i choose to not include (cantique de jean racine op 11)