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while we’re… or: villon zum dritten

October 3, 2008

i have to admit that i am still looking out for that recording of villon songs by georges moustaki (on a 10″ vinyl, seemingly). and while looking out for this and other interesting things my gaze got attracted by a cd with four names on the cover – three of them known to me, but unexpected in its combination: villon, artmann, qualtinger, fatty george.

yes, i have to admit that i did not know that the great writer, especially great lyricist, h. c. artmann made a translation of villons poems into – the vienna dialect. and well, i do understand this translation as bad as the originals in french argot (but then i have the french argot version in a critical edition). and i also did not know that helmut qualtinger recorded these poems. and of course i did not know that fatty george provided the musical background to it – but then i have to admit also that i did not know fatty george… my only excuse is that i am not familiar at all with the austrian jazz szene – but then this is no excuse, really.

recorded in 1964, it has been published again in 1989 by – yes, preiser records. so i thought while we’re at it (see the preceeding post) we can as well make a little addition to the growing body of villon’s work on this blog. well, get it here – and enjoy!

der herr karl

October 2, 2008

i promised you some opportunism. and therefore you get herr karl. the famous monologue by helmut qualtinger, one of austrians great actors / comedians. the monologue, written in 1961, is the life story of herr karl told to a young man – but it is nothing like burroughs’ words of advice for young people (yep, it is on the spare ass annie cd)…

it is a tale of nasty egotism, him of course complaining – while being well fed, of course. it is a trip through austrian history – and…eeer…it will not help eliminating any prejudices you might have regarding austrians. but do not forget that austrians also do have a tradition of very harsh, acid and even bitter cricism of society. just to be clear: herr karl is not really funny, but my jaw dropped on several occasions, since some monstrosities are delivered so deadpan, and so…believeable. shudder… yep, the banality of evil is a phrase that can be used here as well.

but well, the strategy of herr karl seems definitly one that gets you through stormy times in history. interesting to note that although it is of course a condensed version of an opportunist, quite some arguments and parts of his reasoning seem rather familiar…

so have a listen for yourself – a recording of this monologue you can get here, ripped from vinyl, from the very interesting label preiser records, which we will meet later on again… oh – the only drawback for quite some readers will be: it is in german…

and then for the ones who like it more visual: check youtube.


September 13, 2007

pour tous qui veulent ecouter barthes (oui, en français) vous trouverez

“Comment vivre ensemble”, Lectures at the Collège de France, 1977


“Le Neutre”, Lectures at the Collège de France, 1978 

chez ici le lien direct.

foucault discussed, part II

August 28, 2007


more? yes, more! here the final part of foucaults lecture in berkeley in 1983 – the discussion part II.

hope you enjoyed it and that i was able at least to show you a door to the universe of foucault’s thoughts. thank you for listening.

foucault discussed, part I

August 27, 2007

and here we go with the first part of the discussion with students of foucault’s lecture of the culture of self.

additionally you get a rather funny pic of foucault as cowboy (errr…) with students in berkeley. and always when i see this pic i wonder if one of them is leo bersani?


michel foucault – en français

August 26, 2007

bienvenue les amis francophones! comme j’ai pas mal du matériel sur / de michel foucault et comme il était français, après tout, c’est seulement juste de vous donner quelque chose à écouter de lui en français.

ici vous trouvez une introduction à michel foucault avec michel foucault qui s’apelle auto-portrait, originaire du radio canada de 1971 (via radio france culture).

et ici vous trouvez un petit bijou – aussi une émission radio avec le titre le corps utopique (de france culture, 21.12.1966). une écoute plutot poétique… recommandé!


l’ami qui ne va pas te sauver la vie

August 25, 2007


allright – n knows what’s coming, he downloaded the second part of the edmund white post.

for everybody else: we move on to michel foucault. uff – yep, a heavyweight.

you will find a plethora of information about him and his work on the net and elsewhere – i just want to give some hints (in case that you are interested) how you might approach his work. oh, and as a selling argument to the ones who do not know him: he was gay, fascinated by (and into?) kinky sex and took drugs. yeah, there was a time when professors were quite rock ‘n’ roll. oh yeah – and he was writing books. intelligent books. and professor of the history of systems of thought (at the collège de france, paris).

  • as with any scientific work you read: you will have to work to understand – but be not too impressed. theory is worth nothing if it does not work with and for you, too. or said differently: of course there are rules and conventions you have to be aware of and follow while reading theory – but you are giving sense to the text.
  • a good access to theory – besides introductory books, which are sometimes great, sometimes crap – are interviews, articles, and the like – it is like the backdoor to the world of a big thinker. not as grand as to start with an important work, but easier.
  • for me foucault works also as literature (like a lot of good theory). dive into the text – in the best case it will unfold itself. maybe later, maybe much later.
  • one problem with foucault is that people think his texts will explain them the world – they won’t. foucault will not save your life, as others already remarked.
  • as deleuze pointed out it’s actually quite easy: they were both working on how to live a non-fascistic life (don’t forget the historic context). so foucault’s work is always about the search for ways to think differently.

and maybe out of this comes a different way of thinking, a different way of relating to other people. a different way to live – a conscious life: the art of living. then theory is worth it.

so how about listening to the man himself? via the digital archive of the university of berkeley comes a lecture michel foucault held on april 12, 1983, and which fits perfectly into this blog: the culture of self. here you have the first part (introduction / lecture). the discussion (part 2 & 3) will soon follow…

and it’s actually fun!