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amendment to marc almond: soft cell live

August 24, 2007


allright – i know i am meandering themewise in this blog – but believe me, there is a red thread to this blog. yes, there is! believe me! it’s obvious, right?

but now we take a step back to the marc almond posts. i have been digging deep in my archive, looking for something i did not find, of course. but a lot of other interesting stuff came up: entre autres also a bootleg of soft cell live in london in 1983. if i remember correctly, i actually got that through mailorder. yeah, these were the days…

the quality is not really great – but i think it’s allright. live soft cell sounded in a good way edgier and there is a nice version of the art of falling apart on it. for the rest: the machines are happily stomping and clattering away, the synths stab, and marc almond is singing – and someone is playing sax, adding some interesting flavour. as it was the case with these bootlegs on tape, they usually filled all of the 90 minutes, so you even get treated to a excerpt of some interview with marc almond. unfortunately the interviewer does not want to know who mister almond did at the time. another chance missed…

so these are the details:

soft cell live at the hammersmith palais, 08-03-1983, two mp3 files (side a / side b), taperip@192

side a: forever the same, another day, insecure me, numbers, soul inside, torch, loving you – hating me, *interview*

side b: bedsitter, barriers, youth, baby doll, martin, the art of falling apart, purple haze, frustration, memorabilia

get it here.

i have lived – mister almond live

August 18, 2007

marc almond was for me more something of a eighties thing – i guess due to changing interests in music i lost a little bit sight of his work during the nineties – well, he also made some records i don’t find that good… but his name kept popping up – sometimes in interesting collaborations – and there has been the little beautiful swan song for new york in the form of a little book called the end of new york.

but now he has a new record out called stardom road. well, i got it, popped it in my cd-player and it starts with a charles aznavour song called i have lived – wuuhaa – a great song that is perfect for a funeral – not because it is so dark, but because it is so joyful…

and well, the whole record is very good.

in this context i would like to present you a little pearl that reached me through the big O – a great site (not only) for roios (=records of unknown origin=bootlegs). go and check them out here! (also exists in a blog version here.)

the pearl i am talking about is a recording of marc almond live at the mermaid theatre, london on june 1, 2007.


he sings some new songs and some old songs – and it gives you a taste how the new record sounds….

since they are not available anymore at the big O i decided to up them again – it is a fine performance in very good quality (fm-rip).

that’s the tracklist:

1. Happy Heart (Last/Rae/Weyrich)
2. I Have Lived (Aznavour/Kasha/Hirshorn)
3. Redeem Me (Almond/De Vries)
4. I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten (Westlake)
5. Stardom Road (Stamp/Avery)
6. Backstage (I’m Lonely) (Anisfield/Denson/Almond)
7. Somethings Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Greenway/Cook)
8. Say Hello Wave Goodbye (Almond/Bell)
9. The Curtain Falls (Marc Almond)

and you can get it (including cover art) here (link killed).

the original post with some more information you find here.


August 18, 2007

“A stiletto scrapes the pavement
Leaving a red streak of paint
Breaks a sweat upon the sailors
To them she is a saint
Tattoo on the muscle
That says
in love forever i
She’ll take them and she’ll break them
Oh come hold me till I die.

Anarcoma, anarcoma, anarcoma

There’s a ladder in her nylons
Where we can climb up to the stars
Join a queue of borsalinos
As you bend over the bar
Tattoo on her muscle says
beware, behave, be mine
She’ll eat them up for breakfast
One at a time

Anarcoma, anarcoma, anarcoma

Well come on if you need loving
Pirondelllo don’t be shy
It just takes a little money
And we’ll get there by and by
For I’ve got a little more
Than any other girl
You pay a little extra
For a trip around the world
And if the world is not enough
Then I’ll take you to the sky
Put you in an armhold
Blacken both your eyes
For you’ll find no other woman
That will love you like I do
Ill just open up the oven door
And leave the cooking up to you

Anarcoma, anarcoma, anarcoma

And she took me to her room
That had never seen the light
Those sheets had seen a legion
And she beat me up all night
And over morning coffee
She shook her black hair from its mess
Her lips a gash of lipstick
And she sucks a cigarette

Anarcoma, anarcoma, anarcoma

I could be yours
You could be mine
You could be mine”

(marc almond, anarcoma)


just as a little aside and because marc almond wrote a song about her:

anarcoma is a spanish graphic novel by nazario – anarcoma is a transsexual with big breasts and an even bigger… (not just “a little more then any other girl”, rather something like: a lot more then most men). a part time prostitute, a part time cabaret artist and a part time detective, the story includes queers, more whores, evil secret associations, mad professors, and a sexrobot with – you guessed right – an enormous tool.

set (and made) in spain in the eighties, it is very trashy, very gore, very sexy – well, a lot of fun!

(maybe m, as a specialist in the field, will once write a more detailed account of the work of nazario. )


ruby red

August 17, 2007

ruby red was the single out of mother fist and her five daughters – a catchy popsong and a very gay video – see marc almond as devilsailorpunk:

mother fist…

August 17, 2007

travelling the mediterranean, receiving a rose on our way we stop late in the day at a port…

sitting in a streetcafé, sipping something sweet and strong we watch the sun go down. the sailors start to flock in – we watch them checking out the whores, we watch them getting drunk on the cheap local hard stuff, we watch them looking for love for a night. we watch their sunburned, strong, hairy arms, we watch their bulging, tight, white trousers. and sometimes our hungy eyes meet… opening possibilites…just for one night.


the album mother fist and her five daughters is an album that i listen to for 20 years now. it gives me the feeling to travel, to dive into the hallucinatory world of querelle, a world maybe of cruelty, but also of beauty. a world of desire and lust, broken hearts but sometimes also of total bliss…

yes, marc almond and the willing sinners made for me a record which as a whole is its own universe and which stands the test of time very well.

it is a record that uses european musical tradition in a unique way, developing it further and it is also steeped in a gay culture which often gets described as sleazy – the world of hustlers, saylors, whores, trannys, dragqueens, cabarets. and it is just enough over the top to make it despite – or because? – of all the drama light – comparable to some films by the spanish filmmaker almodovar.

there would be a lot more to say about marc almond, his carreer, his records, collaborations, books – but this is all information that is easily available. to start you might want to have a look at his webpage and / or his myspace-profile.

for the moment let’s just enjoy our evening at the port and marc telling us stories about another, but somehow also our world….


you can get a vinylrip (two parts: sida a/side b – mp3@193, tracklist and partial coverscans included) of mother fist and here five daughters here (link dead).

melancholy rose

August 17, 2007