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pointer. the gayest thing…

September 3, 2007

…i ever saw.

UPDATE: unfortunately, this blog is no longer.

sometimes funny things happen: i wanted to point you into the direction of the confirmed bachelor anyway and was actually retrieving these days a picture which i think was fitting very nicely to the title of the blog: the gayest thing i ever saw. the thing is that the confirmed bachelor actually has this very same picture now up as its main pic. respect! and i have to admit i find it of course rather sexy…


so – what’s the confirmed bachelor about? it’s a music blog (with a few non-music posts) with – hm, gay music. gay meaning here a certain style. well, have a look for yourself! and luckily he posted bearforce1, so i don’t have to (shudder). i especially recommend yvonne fair and the eery version of crazy in love by antony and the johnsons.