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July 12, 2011

r sent me this link – not sure what it is (SEA SECRETARIAT…?)- but well, my associations do run wild here… enjoy!

update: thanks to the kind commenter i know now that this is mohammed mounir. thank you.


July 12, 2011

having the hunger for music again – and listening to a lot of new (and slightly less new) stuff i would have some recommendataions for everybody not really sure what to choose… from the slightly older side of course the latest record by the young gods – always a winner. and having them seen live – again – a group i follow since roughly 25 years: they still can kick ass. while on the harder side of things i have to admit i really do like the last foo fighter‘s…

also somewhat older and i thought it would be my spring record but hey, it also works in summer! is clueso‘s latest record. and now for the 2 real nice summer records i highly recommend. fluffy and easy like a summer breeze is adriana calcanhottos‘ latest recrod – wonderful brazilian pop. should you have the possibility to see her live: go and see her.

and then of course the new album by blitz the ambassador. a very nice mix of different influences…

oh, and for anybody needing a refreshment i highly recommend the piano solo record calles “boréales” by yannick délez

this just as an introduction – it is of course in no way something like a definite list. and i’m still looking for a good, deep, smooth house mix for this summer. recommendations are welcome, of course.
but now for something quite a bit older, but a rather recent discovery of mine. very true to the cliché i do listen to italian music rather in summer and i came across a very summer-like, beautiful record by italian artist lucio battisti. not really knowing him before, just being aware that he was one of the great cantautori (italy’s version of singer-songwriter) i was very much surprised by this record – especially since i bought it mainly because i liked the cover…

doing some research it seemd that this record started his, hm, “disco period”, although it is no disco record… but the influences are there – you might want to call it downbeat disco tinged pop with a rather unique use of his voice… what is also remarkable that i do hear that this is not just a collection of songs, but a record which has it’s own dynamic. therefore ripped it in only 2 parts (from vinyl), and not song by song.

do some of your own research on the man – a very fascinating story (for example he nearly never played live). but most of all i do urge you to have a listen – and enjoy summer…

Lucio Battisti, la batteria, il contrabbasso, eccetera….



November 30, 2010

world aids day

this time some music – not so sure with words this time…

it is a beautiful piece of music . and yes, it is a requiem, written from the son for the father.

looks like the 1. of december is becoming my personal 1. of november….

what is special on this recording is the second lead voice, the soprano, as it evokes through the explicit choice of a boy’s soprano innocence, innocence as in “not knowing yet” of the hardship’s of life… that choice makes certainly sense to me. it makes it mourning music of the peaceful, nostalgic, hopeful kind… well, i let you dwell on it yourselves.

ripped from vinyl as 2 files – get it here.

please note that on the record is an additional piece of music which i choose to not include (cantique de jean racine op 11)


October 31, 2010

Wiseblood – Motorslug 12″

Motorslug / Death Rape 2000

black god 2000

October 31, 2010

La Muerte – Black God 2000 10″

re-reup: sein

October 24, 2010

also rather popular – counting by the re-up requests: sein. good so.

you will find the links in the original post. enjoy.

and yes, if you manage to catch them live – do go. as you can see they are very colourful…

re-reup: der böse bub eugen

October 14, 2010

by popular demand – interesting that this band has not been forgotten…

as the link for regen im park is dead i ripped my copy of that lp – just be warned: it does skip quite a bit. well, that record has been played and shared a lot (yeah, kind of physical file-sharing back in the days…).

so: here you get regen im park. lovingly ripped from vinyl…

the other stuff you get in the original post.


did you…

October 10, 2010

the young gods: did you miss me 12″

A) did you miss me? hello, hello i’m back again!

B) the irrtum boys

ripped from vinyl

The Young Gods


December 1, 2009

it is the first of december. again.
a day of raising awarenes, a day of action. it used to be a day of rememberance. and for me it still is, as i have no other day. or too many days of remembering.
although i do not go to town anymore, to the silent march. like so many others, not feeling right there, feeling out of place
somehow we managed even to convince ourselves that aids is not a gay desease, and although it was a necessety claim (and also true), we might have to start claiming it again as a gay disease.
they say live goes on – but in a way it does not. missing so many witnesses to my life it sometimes seems that i’m missing big parts of my life. and looking at myself i only now start slowly to understand the impact of it all.
and i believe we might should slowly try to understand what it means for our gay history, how aids changed our perspective on the times before aids, how it still does change us, how it changed our relationship to sex, community, and ourselves. and it might be slowly time again to discuss our desires, desires that can neither be safely canalized at all times, nor freely lived out at all times. it is a discussion that we have to maintain for us, a discussion that might never find an end, but that might enable us to live on better.

si melina…

October 19, 2009

yes, i’ve posted her music before, my favourite laughing woman (allright, c has a great laugh, too. a huge one, that is). and although it has been a gorgeous cover, the music was just allright. so i thought i better post another record. a more interesting one. and to make the link: it includes a brecht/weill song, too. in general the songs are of quite a variety – in a nice and interesting way. and the cover isn’t too bad, either…


ripped with a smile from vinyl, you’ll get it here.

not enough with this, i have some more. this as a tribute to v and j (you might have a look here). thank you again. it has been very nice. and yes it might is (or seems) more for v – but then j got already my, well, a swiss heart, right? so, in rememberance to our talks, and yes, the bouzoukia, i thought i post the music to the movie never on sunday. the music, courtesy of manos hadjidakis, sounds still fresh to my ears. although i am not very familiar with popular greek music (eeer… not at all, actually) this record sounds to me like a rather unique take on it – exploring various moods, not only the upbeat ones a northerner like me usually associates this kind of music with.

and then it is a movie by jules dassin, starring…yes, melina mercouri. the synopsis presented of the back of the record is quite hilarious – see below. love the choice of words… and yes, the male main character is indeed called homer…

but i guess if one can pull such a story off, then it must be ms mercouri. yes, i haven’t seen the movie yet – but it is now on my list. and after all one can also read it as the fight of free commerce against exploiting commercialism (hey, i just try to be original). and at least i learned that the real truth lies in the joy of living.

never on sunday
ilya (melina mercouri), a beautiful young woman who sells her charms in the port of piraeus, firmly adheres to one principle – her customers must appeal to her. greek tragedy is her only weakness and annually she suspends operations during the festival season. the classic texts have a personal meaning for her, including a happy ending for the story of medea.
one day, homer (jules dassin), an american, arrives in piraeus in quest of truth. attracted by the music of the bouzoukia, he goes to a crowded tavern where ilya is dancing and singing with her friends. to homer, she personifies greece and he is convinced that her story will provide an explanation for the fall of the ancient civilization.
he decides to reform ilya and succeeds in persuading her to give up her lovers in order to achieve more profound joys. her decision to “retire” delights noface (alexis salomos), an entrepreneur who exploits all the other prostitutes and he offers to subsidize homer’s program because ilya’s independence has been a bad example for his girls.
ilya finds homer’s teachings tedious and often engages in nostalgic daydreams. nevertheless, she resists the familiar call of the ships coming into port.
one day her friend, despo (despo diamantidou), discloses the pact between homer and noface. bent on revenge, ilya launches a prostitute’s revolt, which includes a general strike.
then to celebrate her return to the profession, she rushes to the bouzoukia, where she finds homer still looking for truth. he is sulking and ilya’s friends gently poke fun at him. he loses his temper, threatens to fight one of them and then suddenly sheds his academic armour. he then decides to open his eyes to what life really is and joins the party – laughing, singing and dancing with the otheres.
before going back to the states, he has discovered in greece that the real truth lies in the joy of living.

so – a shout out to étretat – and for all interested in some greek joy of living, i ripped the record in two parts (side a / side b) from vinyl. get it here. and yes: enjoy!



October 8, 2009

ha! and you already thought that blog smelled funny, huh? well, it kind of did…

guess other priorities – although it hasn’t been that satisfying not to blog. so it is high time to put some effort into it again. and we will see where it brings us to. i will slowly get down to answer your comments and honour your requests (as already promised on previous occassions). it won’t be very fast, i’m afraid – something to do with, well, not having mucht time…

but then i haven’t been stopping finding nice music, reading nice books, and so on. and quite some stuff to complement previous posts.

ianAsmallso to kick it off again something to relate back to the various traces of brecht / weill – a little 10″ by ian mc culloch: september song. interesting is especially that on side a you get it pressed for 78 r.p.m. – and no, my gear isn’t that old. so what you hear is a record for 78 r.p.m. played on 45 r.p.m. but pitched up so that it sounds more or less right – just slower. and since me works low tech also rather metallic. i actally really like that version. on side aa you the get the long version of the september song – this time on the intended 45 r.p.m., and cockles and mussels. and of course ripped from vinyl for your aural pleasure. get it here. and enjoy.

and yes, this post has been originally planned for september (in case you were ianAAsmallwondering).

so – i’m glad to be back. hope you are, too.

re: three

June 18, 2009

re: like re-up’s

yes, there has been quie some activity on here – rather hidden, admittedly.

a big THANK YOU to all the people taking the time to leave a comment. and thank you for providing me with more hildegard knef that i could ever dream of. and thank you for providing me with interesting new information on zarah leander – although it does expose my ignorance… but i guess that’s allright. and hey – contributions to the discussion are welcome!

then i re-upped by request der böse bub eugen

rechnungfrontsmalland i re-upped sein – and by relistening it, it hit me how good this record is. and how much it is linked to my last post – reminiscing, but not really nostalgic… great stuff. and yes, because i have been asked so nicely there is also a special bonus…

as usual: enjoy!

re: two

June 17, 2009

re – like… retracing, again…

more like trying to re-establish…

it is funny – not too long ago i have revisited amsterdam, again. a city that has beendutch important in my life quite some years back – mostly due to gj, but then it was a good time for amsterdam, before the rise of berlin, when its easyness was at its peak, attracting all the interesting freaks and was definitly leading gay city…

and fast forward to 2009 – still beautiful – and sparkling. still a unique city, no doubt. but then it also has become such a european city, somehow gone the opposite way of johannesburg. gentrified, prettified and rather slick. it is strange how in that hard competition between cities all of them pretend to market their unique character, but just become more and more alike. forgetting in all the marketing frenzy that a city should may be first a place to live for its inhabitants?

but then it is silly to complain – i had long walks, was very happy to see gj doing very well ideed, d still going strong (but then i expect that from him) and finding – a new friend.. yes, it is not the city anymore where one goes alone with a suitcase full of party- and fetishgear. now it seems more a city for couples… long stroll along the grachten and all that…

argossmallit was just funny revisiting the old physical places – being amused about the smoking ban, and then visiting again argos, the remnants of a once flourishing harder gay scene, now sanitized, smoke free, well lit, not even the pinball machine is there anymore, but a big screen showing the obligatory porn irritatingly pretending to show hot hard sex. it brought memories back when it was dark, and smoky, and mysterious – but then i did change, too… what is just funny is that with smoke disappearing in most bars there are now slot machines – huh? slot machines? still don’t get it…

it was interesting since it suddenly seemed such a distance, giving many opportunities to remember… many days and especially many nights – but then i might not remember, eeer, everything. and maybe it is the ideal city to muse about the need for the gay community / communities to reinvent itself… but then this not necessarly city-specific, since i just have been at a fetish party in that other neat and slick european city, and i wonder when that scen became so aggressivly conservative in all aspects.. and all thsi ahas also been an occasion to ask oneself where one goes – and maybe first: how did i get here? yes, its’ always true that one hopes to travel and therfore to get away, but is thrown back even harder onto oneself.

what i find especially interesting is the that – and that introduces re. back into my musings: re: like re-surrection. yes, mister malenka started again the back in the days famous roxy hard nights. and so we can end my little musings with a musical trip back some years, when house music was still young…

so – below some rips of old cuts of the first series of roxy hard parties… enjoy!

roxy hard – amsterdam – the garden party – june 16 1992

roxy hard – amsterdam – some time some place – 1992

roxy hard – amsterdam – the pornograhpers – 1992

roxy hard – amsterdam – tatoo you, tatoo me – 1992

re: one

April 29, 2009

re: like re-visiting, re-tracing ones steps

it is funny how it sometimes comes together. my ongoing discussions with n about south africa back in the days, and him telling me about the former hotspot / place to be in johannesburg: hillbrow. then shortly after i stumble on tv over a bbc-documentary about: hillbrow. with a very nervous, stressed out reporter. well, for good reasons. one of the mindblowing scenes was when he asked a guy as to why they killed these police men “well, we wanted to sell their weapons”, which gets delivered so deadpan that i nearly had to laugh at the monstrosity of it all.

and then, forwarded through different email-accounts i have received the below email. i do not even know from whom it comes originally. it is a rather bitter retracing. a thank you to the unknown author.

and yes, i have been to johannesburg, and beside the incredible luxury, the gated communities and an amazing amount of really big fuck off cars you also find what you see below. the sick thing is that there is even worse: one has only to drive into cape town along shanti towns that seem to go on forever. and i guess the above cited little scene / sentence hit me so much because there it expresses a carelessness towards the human life which runs through society that is very scary. there were moments where it got surreal – i remember driving with n at night through downtown jo’burg and feeling transportet into a dystopian science fiction universe. i wasn’t afraid, beacuse somehow this could not be real… and this memory and looking at the below pictures reminded me strongly of the writing of j.g. ballard, who just passed away…

so let’s have a ride…

Bree Street , Johannesburg , Where Gold (Used) to Lie in the Street, Now, it’s Just Rubbish
Bree Street is one of the main thoroughfares running through the city centre of Johannesburg , from east to west. It runs right through the CBD, and used to be one of the major economic centers, as well as being a residential area.
Today, as you can see, it is a slum, another shattered, filthy, ruined monument to the “New South Africa .”


A Visit to Yeoville


Yeoville was one of the ‘trendiest’ places in Johannesburg . Its main thoroughfare, Rockey Street, was the place for a very late night out, and here one could find an eclectic mix of exotic shops, dining establishments, clubs and who knows what all else, if you really looked.
And today? Well, let’s let the pictures do the talking. My visit to Yeoville:

Corner of Raymond and Rocky Streets, Yeoville. This used to be quite a famous restaurant, I can’t recall its name offhand, but I am sure it was Mama’s.

Above: All that remains of the South Street cafe, Bellevue East, Yeoville. It’s still open, but I didn’t venture too close because of what appeared to be sewerage in the gutter, which really put me off a bit.

Above: The corner of Rockey and Bezuidenhout Streets, Yeoville. There used to be a late night takeway on this corner. It was a Kentucky Fried Chicken once upon a time as well.


Above: Looking down Bezuidenhout Street towards Rockey Street .


Above: A little further up Bezuidenhout Street …


Above: The BP Garage on the north corner of the major Rockey and Bezuidenhout Street intersection. One of two petrol stations in Rockey Road , both closed down due to being continuously robbed out of business. It was confirmed that the last owner of this petrol station was shot dead with an AK-47 during a robbery. The station was just abandoned, hence the pump’s pipes hang loosely there, normally BP would take their stuff away.

Above: A typical gutted house, corner of Muller and Bezuidenhout Streets. Even the roof has been stolen.


Above: Smashed apartments, Saunders Road Yeoville. Currently inhabited by squatters. The stench is unbelievable.


Above: Inhabited house, lower Rockey Street , towards Observatory. ALL of the houses here look like this. I recall that the chief photographer for Associated Press in 1990 telling me how happy he was to be buying a house here, and he looked at me all funny when I told him I didn’t think it was a good idea. Like all “good” liberals, he has probably since voted with his feet.


Above: Typical filthy apartment block, Pope Street .


Above: Street scene, Dunbar Street . Taken from my car while moving, as by now I had attracted attention and was being followed by an aggressive group of locals. It was time to leave Yeoville.
A Tour Through Hillbrow,


Above: Joel Street , Berea


Above: Apartments, Olivia Street , Berea


Above: Apartments, cnr Lily Ave and Olivia Street , Berea


Above: The ruins of the Sands Hotel, O’Reilly Street , Hillbrow


Above: The main entrance to the Sands Hotel, O’Reilly Street , Hillbrow — or rather should I say the ruins of the Sands Hotel main entrance.

Above: The ruins of the Mark Hotel , O’Reilly Road , Hillbrow. Incredible to think I actually stayed there while on holiday in 1984.


Above: A close-up of the ruins of the Mark Hotel , O’Reilly Road , Hillbrow.


Above: The main entrance to the old Hillbrow Squash Centre, Pretoria Street . The escalators have long since been smashed, and the one on the right is in such poor condition that it is dangerous, hence it has been blocked with an old car bonnet.


Above: Smashed block, claiming to be home to a High School, corner Pretoria and Quartz Streets.


Above: Parkview Apartment block, Lily Ave , Berea . Fairly typical state of the buildings in the suburb today. Inhabited.


Above: Burnt out and gutted apartments, Catherine Street , Hillbrow.


Above: Corner Soper and Catherine Roads, Hillbrow. Fairly typical street scene.


Above: A gutted and bricked up building, corner Claim and Kotze Streets, Hillbrow.


Above: A close-up of the bricked up Big Deals….


Above: The Nedbank Plaza and the ruins of the Cafe Zurich , formerly a great late night hangout which used to serve the most wonderful Black Forest cake… Pretoria Street , Hillbrow.


Above: The entrance to the Highpoint “shopping centre” on Pretoria Street , as it looks today. Note the very gutted building on the right. This seems to be a common pattern throughout the area.


Above: The Highpoint apartment block: back in the 1980s, it was the place to stay — if you had an apartment there, you really had arrived. Very popular with the rich students at Wits University , it was…


Above: Anyone remember buying records at the Hillbrow Record Centre, Pretoria Street , Hillbrow? Well you can’t anymore. It’s boarded and barred up, like many shops in the area.


Above: Street scene, Pretoria Road . Formerly one of the main shopping roads in Hillbrow. The mattresses and blankets are from locals who sleep in the streets.


Apartment dwellers, Claim Street , Joubert Park , central Johannesburg


Apartments, Berea , north eastern Johannesburg


The Rosa Hotel , Berea : boarded up and abandoned, but broken into by squatters and now occupied.
The Ruins of Johannesburg . . .


Above: Jeppe, east Johannesburg , inhabited houses

The View From the Gauteng Legislature Building
It’s a funny thing, the New South Africa . After taking over the old Johannesburg City Hall complex and turning it into the legislative assembly for the new ‘Gauteng’ province (essentially the old Witwatersrand region), presumably to make it pride of place for the province, they seemed to have forgotten what is all around them.. When one stands directly in front of the Legislature building, this is the view one has to the north (note the flagpoles!)

And below, a close-up of the view:


And below this is view one has to the east, or directly in front of you (the old Rissik Street Post Office. In 2003, the building, which has been empty since 1996, had its clock hands, bell and the entire copper dome stolen).


The Vanishing Impala
Oppenheimer Park , situated between President and Pritchard Streets, was a pleasant green spot in between the high rise commercial blocks of the old Johannesburg . Its central feature was a fountain, over which leapt a stunning piece of sculpture: a series of Impala, all linked. The statue was so marvelous that it was a tourist attraction in the official guides to Johannesburg . Here is what it looked like then:


By the late 1990s, Oppenheimer Park had been trashed by the New South Africa . Bits of the statue were stolen by being hack sawed off, probably to be sold as scrap metal. Finally, the inevitable happened, and the entire statue was stolen, hacked off its pedestal. On the pictures below, the original mountings can still be seen. The council has placed a table where the statues and fountain used to be.


yes, quite a trip. and yes, while i found it just spooky to see big parts of a town basically in ruins i guess it must be again different for someone who knew this toen before….

and no, i do not think it should be read as an excuse for “the old south africa”. and there is where my bitterness comes in: as many, i took to the streets and have been vocal against the apartheid regime. of course it wasn’t all that simple as i thought back then, but then it seemed like we were successfull (sweet, isn’t it): south africa was suddenly a place of hope: transition withouth war, maybe the most liberal and open constitution in the world – and a way to deal with its past in such an amazing way that still leaves me humble. much to learn from. and then of course the great man nelson mandela. south africa suddenly stood for a new world. a tolerant world where we all will live together.

yes, give me hope, joanna..

but then it now seems to go the way to many nations go: bored, sleeping politicans in the parliament more interested in picking their noses then in trying to solve any of the problems. wasn’t there a promise that we all become sisters and brothers – or more pragmatic: to provide housing and education to all?

but then it seems we all are satisfied – you know, it is now a democracy, and not apartheid anymore… well, that is when i get bitter. also toward myself. i am not taking to the streets anymore. even when i still believe that a society that allows that people live like shown above is a brutally careless society. but then we do not have a clear enemy anymore, and we woul maybe have to accuse the same ones that only 20 years ago we cheered…

no more international coalition of artists to demand that the promises given shall be fullfilled… but then it might became now apparent that the mayn facets of this country can hardly been fit in a catchy refrain. and yes, we have enough problems ourselves – crisis and all. but then did we not have already also our problems back then?

but then it is still a beautiful country with beautiful people – and weren’t there rumours that the inner city of jo’burg shall be re-developed again?

so, please, give me hope joanna…


March 29, 2009

ffdfrontsmallwell, it has been raining, and i just can’t make my mind up where to go on holidays (having for too long not been) and yes, looking on the net at hotel rooms is amazingly depressing (who ever came up with the idea that a room is gonna look better with a cheap print on the wall? if it already looks sad on a small pic, what does it then look when you are actually in the room?). but then, even if your problems are more serious then mine, i recommend some gentile music. friendly music. very good music. i do not mention them the first time on this blog, and my admiration has not waned: fat freddy’s drop – finest dub for your ears. and since i just found this nice little 10″ i though i post that for all the ones having problems with their holdidays or are just feeling blue or just really want that spring to arrive…

fat freddy’s drop – hope / bluey

and this is the occassion to thank again urbanology for posting their stuff in the first place – if you head over there, you’ll find some more. and then at you’ll find a live recording from paris… now let that smoke rise and just flow…flow…float away.

fat freddy’s drop onlineffdbacksmall