estate – expanded

as i have been brushing over a few thing in my second last post, here the expanded version – with some extras…

to be precise: the young gods have not only a new record called “everbody knows” which is highly recommended, they’re also touring europe. more information you’ll find on their website. then they also issued a limited edition box containing 3 cds and 3 dvds, documenting 3 live performances: griots and the young gods at the les eurockeenes festival in belfort, the concert at the rote fabrik in zürich from their super ready / fragmente tour, and their concert at the jazzfestival montreux with the lausanne sinfonietta – this was one of 2 evenings in montreux celebrating 20 years of the young gods . the night before was very good as well, and the night before that jamie lidell and underworld played – yep, when the jazz festival montreux’s programmation was still interesting… so, in honour of all these memories i decided to put up the live recording form the rote fabrik from the limited edition box – especially since it contains that magnificient version of “envoyé”. enjoy. and go see them live… or buy at least a t-shirt….

as for adriana calcanhotto – i was very charmed by seeing her live. it also came somewhat as a suprise, as her older work is as much as i know it, hm, singer / songwriter. but her new record “o micròbio do samba” is – yes, her take on samba. and i just like her way of making music – very focused, at times one could nearly mistake it as shy, but also at times rather cheeky, using little machines that make squeaky noises, using coffee cups and spoons as acoustic support and therefore expanding discreetly her and our acoustic universe. for a taste how that sounds and some more information you can visit her homepage. and there was this truly beautiful and intimate moment when she sang “vambora” and the crowd gently sang along…

thinking of her adriana calcanhotto’s take on samba i thought it nice to give you another take on samba. also very relaxed, very cocktail hour, very smooth. roughly 50 years ago (1962), stan getz and charlie byrd recorded their take on “fresh, contemporary sounds from modern brazilian folk music”. i do wonder how it sounded to the ears of america back in the days…

also nice to note that the copy i found has some scribbling on the front – there is a womens name. stroke through, and below “mama, please (gell – which i’m unable to translate) it is my favourite record”. it does not exactly sound like a dedication on a gift – rather like the daughter (?) might left this record with her mother – telling her not to give it / throw it away….? yeah, used records have an additional layer of stories to them… and then i sometimes imagine all these possibilities….

however – it is not a bad choice for a favourite record. it is surly a very good choice for a favourite summer record. “jazz samba” by stan getz and charlie byrd you can get here. ripped very relaxed from vinyl…

then i would like to remind you of yannick délez. on his website you can listen to some pieces of his new record “boréales” (under “mp3”). try the piece called “boréales”. beautiful. if you do not feel refreshed listening to this… this is actually the music i always hope some neighbour would play very loud in summer…. opened windows… and this music drifting in… with the wind that is blowing the long white curtains… and i would slowly wake up… but no, it is me that has to get up, visit the bathroom, search for the cd, start all the machines and hit play. and then i’m usually in the mood for a coffee. and then i’m not sure my neighbours do appreciate…

to round this expanded version up – and as i still haven’t found that summer mix for 2011 i was thinking of a mix from ages ago – at the time it was rather an all year round mix. or better: part of a collection of mixes i dearly loved. too bad most of them got stolen at the main station in amsterdam. shouldn’t have let them out of my eyes… so imagine my delight – and this is one of the many reasons to love the net – i did find them, all of them, ready to listen to again. propelling me back to san franciso in 1991 to josé and atul and parties and discussions and excitement and just a very good time. there is indeed an archive with tons of mixes form this period: eze skankin mixtapes.

there is really a lot – so i do recommend garth (“no rest for the wicked” i once owned), and of course jenö. couldn’t get enough of “house reality” and “inside the mind”. being never really sure which one i preferred. you should also check out the rockers hifi live tape. and my favourite is the live recording from dub tribe. awesome. just check out the version of “mother earth” on side 2. energetic and tribal and kicking and just making me bounce around. and this at my age.

i saved one for me from these times familiar names (although it has been 2 years later, i believe – but back in sf): john howard. funny enough it was him in that record shop selling my his tape – this i realized only when i saw him later in my stay spinning… made it clear why he was so enthusiastic about this mix tape. but in all fairness: i loved it, too. as for the cover – well, not exactly my thing… and it still gives me good vibes… get it here. ripped from tape – and yes, one hears it has played many times, i.e. the quality is, eeer, fluctuating. funny enough this is one of the few i still have the original – and it is one not being posted on ezeskankin.


on the above tape is one of these tracks i was once obsessed with, so to speak (luckily these obsessions come and most importantly also go rather quickly. maybe because there is this overpowering general obsession for music). and yes, me still likes these drums. and since to my surprise i found it very quickly in my at the moment not organized vinyls here as a bonus the original and 8 (eight – it is a double 12″) mixes of johnny dangerous‘ “father in heaven”. now pray…

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