having the hunger for music again – and listening to a lot of new (and slightly less new) stuff i would have some recommendataions for everybody not really sure what to choose… from the slightly older side of course the latest record by the young gods – always a winner. and having them seen live – again – a group i follow since roughly 25 years: they still can kick ass. while on the harder side of things i have to admit i really do like the last foo fighter‘s…

also somewhat older and i thought it would be my spring record but hey, it also works in summer! is clueso‘s latest record. and now for the 2 real nice summer records i highly recommend. fluffy and easy like a summer breeze is adriana calcanhottos‘ latest recrod – wonderful brazilian pop. should you have the possibility to see her live: go and see her.

and then of course the new album by blitz the ambassador. a very nice mix of different influences…

oh, and for anybody needing a refreshment i highly recommend the piano solo record calles “boréales” by yannick délez

this just as an introduction – it is of course in no way something like a definite list. and i’m still looking for a good, deep, smooth house mix for this summer. recommendations are welcome, of course.
but now for something quite a bit older, but a rather recent discovery of mine. very true to the cliché i do listen to italian music rather in summer and i came across a very summer-like, beautiful record by italian artist lucio battisti. not really knowing him before, just being aware that he was one of the great cantautori (italy’s version of singer-songwriter) i was very much surprised by this record – especially since i bought it mainly because i liked the cover…

doing some research it seemd that this record started his, hm, “disco period”, although it is no disco record… but the influences are there – you might want to call it downbeat disco tinged pop with a rather unique use of his voice… what is also remarkable that i do hear that this is not just a collection of songs, but a record which has it’s own dynamic. therefore ripped it in only 2 parts (from vinyl), and not song by song.

do some of your own research on the man – a very fascinating story (for example he nearly never played live). but most of all i do urge you to have a listen – and enjoy summer…

Lucio Battisti, la batteria, il contrabbasso, eccetera….


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