ffdfrontsmallwell, it has been raining, and i just can’t make my mind up where to go on holidays (having for too long not been) and yes, looking on the net at hotel rooms is amazingly depressing (who ever came up with the idea that a room is gonna look better with a cheap print on the wall? if it already looks sad on a small pic, what does it then look when you are actually in the room?). but then, even if your problems are more serious then mine, i recommend some gentile music. friendly music. very good music. i do not mention them the first time on this blog, and my admiration has not waned: fat freddy’s drop – finest dub for your ears. and since i just found this nice little 10″ i though i post that for all the ones having problems with their holdidays or are just feeling blue or just really want that spring to arrive…

fat freddy’s drop – hope / bluey

and this is the occassion to thank again urbanology for posting their stuff in the first place – if you head over there, you’ll find some more. and then at archive.org you’ll find a live recording from paris… now let that smoke rise and just flow…flow…float away.

fat freddy’s drop onlineffdbacksmall

One Response to “hope”

  1. urbanology Says:

    oh fine, didnt know this ffd ep before, thank you!

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