knef:… live.

time to fullfill my promise and give you more. more knef: a little sequence of live-recordings. ripped from vinyl as one track per side. enjoy!


die neue knef 1966


knef – concert 1968

two things concerning this recording:

1 – it’s a great recording

2 – unfortunately i only have part one, i.e. the first vinyl. so if somebody could provide part 2?


knefconcert86and now: fast forward into 1986. hildegard knef – concert 1986. this one i got quite a while ago from the net. thanks to the original uploader!

and for some more information on ms knef and her recordings i especially recommend this site.

and yes: there will be some more knef comin up…

3 Responses to “knef:… live.”

  1. Horst Says:

    Here you go…
    Ripped especially for you!

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    many many thanks! i ma actually touched that you took the time.
    it’s just downloading now and i’m looking forward to finally hearing it…

  3. tom appleton Says:

    leider alle tote hose, aber wenigstens der gaul ging

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