detour, still: the woman from greece


i mentioned i guess that hildegard knef is one of my early musical memories – a very early one indeed (together with a flamenco record and a polish pop-record…). and a very early memory is represented by another woman – which shares with ms knef the quality of “not being a lady” – for that her laughter is just not disciplined enough. and that amazing laughter plays a role in the charming movie topkapi. a movie i still love – hey, it has a nice cast, it has turkish oil wrestling, it has the stunt scene which was long long before mission impossible,  it has the line “you swiss are so sexy” (it really has!) and it has: melina mercouri. a fascinating woman not only for her laughter, but also for her art and just simply for her life. a life reflecting her times, moving between art and politcis.

although primarly known as actress and politician, ms mercouri also made a few records. true, she never was such a personality as a singer like as an actress – but then the record following is actually a good chanson-record. she did not invent the genre new, but i find it interesting that she somehow fortifies this french-greek connection. so it is not so suprising to see the name moustaki coming up in the credits, too.

and yes, then there is that cover. plain great – back (see above) as well as front. and well, i just do really like her. and yes, she did have a great laughter and i guess much more, too. so – melina mercouri, je suis grecque you can get here. enjoy!


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