winter-time 2: frostchutz

good choice indeed. fullfilling a request coming all the way from india, fitting to this little detour with a winter theme. after all the first snow is always a cherished moment… old romantic i am.

so – frostschutz. a swiss band from the eighties. did one record. and what a good one. a record that shows that the funky-ness of ska, of the early talking heads, of italo disco beats, and of the polka are not excluding each other but can be fused – all neatly laid out on a pop matrix. sounds like too many influences for one record? might sounds like it when you read it, but not when you hear it. and then there are the lyrics. each song like a postcard, splitting off in many little movies in my head, managing sometimes with one word (schilehrerdisco) to evoke certain experiences that suddenly seem quite universal – well, at least swiss german. and well, you have to understand swiss german to understand most of the lyrics – there are some other languages thrown in, and well, some is not made to understand. but these lyrics are actually – poetic. and although it has been a band everybody thought of as being rather ironic i suspect they were a lot less ironic then supposed: the record is playful – in an earnest way.

this record does something many pop-lovers hope to hear more often: taking pop not as a goal, but as a starting point. showing that you can do much more – and that music across many genres has more in common, is more inclusive then we might have been led to believe. well, they call it risiko-pop.

call it? not called it? yes, call it. because they’re kind of back: there has been a reissue of their record with some bonus tracks and some remixes and there have been a couple of live shows… and a new single – i suggest you check out their homepage for more music, pictures, and text.

for everybody outside switzerland – and especially for everybody in india (frostschutz in india is truly an interesting idea) you can get here a vinyl rip of their original record. another great record with another great cover.

and as a little p.s.: i have to admit i would have been even more impressed if the request would have been for that record by the next band project (with basically the same people). but then i am already planning to post that one…

5 Responses to “winter-time 2: frostchutz”

  1. R in C Says:

    mensch, du, biste völlig eingefroren ??

  2. Chaporabebbi Says:



    Shukria from Goa!!!!!!

  3. sunbathinglizard Says:

    velofahren letzte woche war sehr winter – schwierig über sindbad nachzudenken…

  4. Chaporabebbi Says:


    Definetely sweating now…….

    The Geni Güllenbab’s Rossbollen Group (Katzmanns’s Hohl Brüder: Felix und Phillip)

    Vera Kaa “Korrekt”


    Spuds McKenzie


    !! Lazy Poker Blues Band “Ticket to the blues”



    The Needles


    ALLEZ les Romands!!!

    Le beau lac de bâle

    und der Typ mit dem “Switzerland Reggae”

    War ‘ne HAMMERZEIT 😀

  5. sunbathinglizard Says:

    uh huh – first one i do not know – but bokatzmann is doing his christmas thing again, i think

    lazy poker… i never really got into….

    what stand out is the needles. and yes, it’s planned. but at the actual pace i’m blogging it will take some time… and you left out their breathtaking “sister”-band… ts ts ts… how could you?

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