re-up: while the city sleeps and some more

re-upped by request – requested from a man with taste, quite obviously. mc 900 feet jesus‘ the city sleeps. you get it here. and i couldn’t resist adding a little bonus.

some more?

while we’re on cd-singles, and because i stumbled over it just lately and well, i haven’t heard it for while really loud on a good system and boy oh boy, what a bass – and then there is this remix on it by a certain david z done at the paisley park studios, minneapolis. well, just enjoy neneh cherry‘s i’ve got you under my skin. and the video i posted a while back here.

and while we’re getting into hip hop territory i came across this post on tuttsi fruttsi icecream (hey, already the name makes me like this blog) – just in case you want some more gucci crew II.

and then we have a premiere on this blog: it is the first time a promotional email works! i don’t really know why i have received it in the first place, but then i did find on the page of my old favourites all natural, and you can download a mixtape, called unlikely villain by decay for free which i quite enjoy and then i just discussed the other day that it is interesting how little hip hop we listen to these days compared to, you know, when we were less old. so see it as my little contribution to bring some hip hop back into your ears. just too bad there is no pre-listening possibility for the ill’s manic depressive music-album. and shouldn’t that be an album published on wordsound, anyway?

to round things off nicely, and because i’m conviced we all need some more sissy-ness in our lives, here the link to: dre skull’s sissy bounce mix. yep, you might guess right: booty for us sisters, but not only. believe me, doing it the sissy way just gives your booty that extra swing when shaken! yeah! this comes via earplug.

and then to give you a picture here one of sissy nobby. me likes, as m used to say… (source)

so – now you should have enough new beats to listen to before we dive again into older sounds…

2 Responses to “re-up: while the city sleeps and some more”

  1. sunbathinglizard Says:

    a) why?
    b) better solutions?

  2. urbanology Says:

    das foto ist einfach großartig, den dazugehörigen mix werde ich mir auch gleich zu gemüte führen, grüße, urbanology

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