der herr karl

i promised you some opportunism. and therefore you get herr karl. the famous monologue by helmut qualtinger, one of austrians great actors / comedians. the monologue, written in 1961, is the life story of herr karl told to a young man – but it is nothing like burroughs’ words of advice for young people (yep, it is on the spare ass annie cd)…

it is a tale of nasty egotism, him of course complaining – while being well fed, of course. it is a trip through austrian history – and…eeer…it will not help eliminating any prejudices you might have regarding austrians. but do not forget that austrians also do have a tradition of very harsh, acid and even bitter cricism of society. just to be clear: herr karl is not really funny, but my jaw dropped on several occasions, since some monstrosities are delivered so deadpan, and so…believeable. shudder… yep, the banality of evil is a phrase that can be used here as well.

but well, the strategy of herr karl seems definitly one that gets you through stormy times in history. interesting to note that although it is of course a condensed version of an opportunist, quite some arguments and parts of his reasoning seem rather familiar…

so have a listen for yourself – a recording of this monologue you can get here, ripped from vinyl, from the very interesting label preiser records, which we will meet later on again… oh – the only drawback for quite some readers will be: it is in german…

and then for the ones who like it more visual: check youtube.

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