one year

gratulations to urbanology for its first birthday! thanks for the music and to another year! and he posted that really cool painting…

funny enough it is now also one year of blogging for yours truly, the sunbathinglizard. it has been interesting for me – this blog works as some kind of homework for me, pushing me to do work on different topics, to revisit, rediscover a lot of material. but i do discover a lot of new things along the way, too. yep, that all sounds terribly self-centered – but hey, that’s just the way i am.

this is also a good occassion to thank: many thanks to R in X, to N, to M&P, to M, to recordfinder mastah w, to N, to P, to J, to M, to dkb, everybody who left a comment (except two of them, yes, you too, dude) to the artists and writers that provide me with the soundtrack to my life and much needed food for brain, heart, and soul and especially to all of them who wrote me some really nice lines. yes, a pat on the shoulder is always nice. and of course many thanks to all the interesting music blogs and websites out there – well, have a look at my link list. you keep on inspiring me. and of course thanks to all the nice people at sfrp! huh – this is getting now rather cheesy – but it might be the closest i get to a thank you-speech anyway…

as for some statistics: quite a lot of posts, quite some visitors, nico is the most popular, metalheadz and talk talk still generate a lot of interest, electronic music is less popular, and i am still puzzled that quite some people downloaded boys town gang but only a handfull of people downloaded ten percent. hmmm…. then i might also mention that i do see the search strings that brings people here. one thing: so many people search “gianna nannini lesbian”. just that you know: yes, she is. in the eighties she kind of came out in a german music magazine. and no, i do not have any nude pics of hannah schygulla. and it still surprises me how many people type “high heels inserted” into a search engine… jeez… on the more interesting side: i am pleased that abdolvahab shahidi still interests some people. you are right! and i am also surprised how many people seem to know bessie von brühl.

so, to just have it said again: you can ask for re-ups and try a request. and yes, thank you’s are still welcome…

and what about the next year? of course more music. what exactly we will see. after all i had planned in the last months quite a different route – but that’s part of the fun for me. more text again. i feel it is time to get a little bit more…vocal. and yes, i have read quite a lot of interesting stuff lately. basically i will keep on with my focused drifting…

what else? yes, i do like presents. small and expensive, of course.

to finish this navel-gazing post i would like to propose some music. this blog started with jean genet – a year later i am still in the mood for sailors, for the dramatic. and i think jaques brel’s amsterdam fits here nicely for a couple of other reasons, too. this time in the version of david bowie. and yes, i have to admit i did not know this cover version until i stumbled across it a couple of months ago… on the flip side you’ll find sorrow from bowie’s lp pin-ups. the year? 1973. get it here. as always: enjoy!

7 Responses to “one year”

  1. ted Says:

    i get a wrong message when i unrar it….
    any ideas why?

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    hi ted – i checked and it works fine for me. the problem might be that the file is not a .rar, but a .zip file. you might need stuffit expannder or a similar program to unpack it.
    maybe someone else knows more?

  3. Darkman Says:


    Quite an interested blog you got here 🙂

    BTW – do you happen to have any jewish / yiddish / klezmer material as well, by any chance?

    Like from some LPs maybe or from whatever else source..

    Thanks again

  4. sunbathinglizard Says:

    thanks! regarding the request i send you an email….

  5. Darkman Says:

    thanks for email, sbl!

    I replied to you (in email as well) 🙂

  6. urbanology Says:

    hi sunbathinglizard!

    thanks a lot for all your comments and participation, and of course congratz to you too. I really love your blog, always interesting and good posts, a lot of them about bands and artists I didn´t knew before, which is wonderful!
    and beside that you write about other interesting subjects, linked with the music and recognizing that music/art is always part of the society and its state. always worth reading.

    keep on blogging, greetings from urbanology

  7. sunbathinglizard Says:

    thanks to you – grin – i kind of consider you my sister-blog, anyway…
    but then you guessed that already, right?

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