request: ich kann nicht mehr die augen schliessen

here i posted the record with texts by francois villon and music by vollenweider, bardet, and valentini in the series of poesie und musik. for the background information on the artists you might refer to this earlier post.

and now it is time for more music by vollenweider, bardet, and valentini, but with texts by the german author from the 19th century heinrich heine. musically i do find this record more mature and relaxed then the villon record. musically, there are this time no references to the time of when the texts were written. and somehow this works better. therefore the record is “rounder”, less single songs and also the musicians must have felt that way: on the back of the cover there are only the playing times for each side given. so musically it is a pretty cool record. and then there are the words. and well, it has been a time that i’ve read heinrich heine. so it was a again a kind of eye opener, a strong reminder of how good heinrich heine the author is: really wicked stuff! really great – the selection done by the musicians is a very interesting one: cheeky stuff about the ladies, political commentary, and general musings with a lot of wit. and it all feels very fresh – in a way it is at the same time great to see how timeless his writings are and on the other hand also frightening how little seems to have changed…

so – i somehow hope that this record might incite some of you to get into heinrich heine – for more information search the net – there is quite a lot available. if you want to go straight to his texts, you’ll find them on the net, too. the complete heinrich heine in german you’ll find here. and thanks to the internet archive, once more, there are many english translations available online, too.

oh – but you might want to start with the record vollenweider, bardet, and valentini: poesie und musik, heinrich heine. ripped from vinyl as two mp3-files (side a/side b), including the scans of the front- and back-cover and the inlay with some more detailed information you can get here. enjoy!

7 Responses to “request: ich kann nicht mehr die augen schliessen”

  1. zero Says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for your work…

  2. kinski Says:

    Hey thanks a million times, i know the villon record for 10 years, found it on a flea market and i was fascinated by the music… Now I’m looking forward to hear the heine-record.

  3. sunbathinglizard Says:

    gern geschehen. let me know if you like it….

  4. Ralf Rickli Says:

    Ich kann kaum glauben ich hab’s gefunden! Thanks a lot!

    I received this recorded in a cassette as a present from a German friend, here in Brazil, in 1989 or such. Cannot hear the tape anymore, but this is such a GREAT accomplishment, I always wanted to show it to people here, even the ones who do not understand any German, what I see as the only good combination of poetry and music I’ve ever heard. The only that did not slipped into Kitsch. This is a model to be studied!

    Thanks once more!

  5. Mike Says:

    I am looking for years to find this wonderful production. Once I had the LP (nearly 30 years ago). But someone borrowed it and I never saw my LP again…

    Thank you very, very much :-))

  6. tom appleton Says:

    great. i once had ALL of these records here in new zealand, but now, 30 years on, the only one i do have left is the neruda. so it’s lovely to be getting some of the others back, in a handy little package, too. thanks a lot, o unknown benefactor…


  7. köyleri Says:


    […]request: ich kann nicht mehr die augen schliessen « not sweating yet[…]…

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