reverse request: the red velvet tape

it’s alread a while ago that dkb fullfiled a request of mine: he ripped his maybe most elegant mix, the red velvet tape, for me. oscillating between house, pre-minimal and detroit with long tracks, hypnotizing, drawing you in, it always has been one of may favourites. and my copy of that tape was therefore in a rather sorry state… but now here you get it fully digitized.

and then dkb started something i was kind of planning: he started putting up my series of compilations favourites 2004. yeah, another trip down memory lane… of course they are still excellent! they were made for listening – the style varies: the respective title gives you an indication what kind of mood to expect. bergsee has been the most successfull – my personal favourites are chocolatecoveredsoul and your head on my chest . and yes, these two should be listened to in this order. one of these series i actually posted quite a while ago here.

but relistening now to these compilations i am amazed how much i actually still like all of them. with salz, that might be the darkest, i am proud of myself of the variety of musical styles that nevertheless fit together very well… and well, the dub of kiss the sky is fun, so is the latin flavoured les grandes moustaches – and spirals has a nice story i always will remember while listening to it… so – enough of my getting all excited about…myself. head over there and have a listen for yourself! Enjoy!

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