bonus: why can’t we live together?

i’m gonna make a couple of posts with records that i and recordfinder mastah w found in the last months and that i would have posted in the respective posts if i would have had them then.

first is one of this fetish tracks of mine, timmy thomas’ why can’t we live together? this time in the two versions from 1992, the 1990 remixes. what you get is the war and peace mix, the original version (finally!) and the lasting peace mix, all ripped while sweating from vinyl. very early nineties, that beat. if you hear it you will know what i mean. and yeah, very summer, that. for this occassion i also re-upped all the other versions i posted at the time. and since i feel a little bit guilty of focussing only on that song, here you can get more music by timmy thomas… yeah, it’s music you always hope they would play at the beach. they just never do…

so – timmy thomas – the 1990 remixes 12″ you can get here. enjoy!

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