further explorations in sound: more young gods


i already explained some of my views on the young gods. to a degree i always have to smile when i see them classified as “industrial” or whatever: they’re so much more. true, live they are usually a rock band with an enormous amount of energy. but already their second record l’eau rouge showed that there is more to it – that there is a curiosity to explore a lot more of sonic terrain. slowly they became more…psychedelic. a kind of psychedelic that seemed to open up a field between the doors and avantgarde electronica. it was nice to follow their path: a band that has been founded in the 1980’s, with musical influences going back to the 60s and 70s and always having an ear at the most recent developments. all these influences combined with the will to bring music further. this evolution culminated in the ambient album music for artificial clouds.

in retrospect it seems that their aural sculpture six dew points, comissioned for the swiss national exposition expo.02, was like a sketch for music for artificial clouds – and i always assumed that this title actually refers (also) to the artificial cloud of the expo.02. six dew point is officially not available – but if you are interested, you can get it here.

but then the young gods also kind of branched out in several directions, be it the respective soloworks and collaborations of the different members, be it special shows as the young gods like the aquanautic (if i remember the name correctly) show with two artists from geneva (ambient sound to projections of film loops depicting water – the two artists responsible for the visuals actually worked with two projectors like a dj, looping filmsequences), be it a unique concert with a symphony orchestra (for a special 20 years of the young gods show at the jazzfestival montreux), be it their live re-interpretation of a part of the woodstock movie.

somehow the celebration of the 20 years of the young gods (including the best of cd) seemed to be like a certain closure – and therefore also a new beginning. this cd, XXyears, came in two versions: the limited edition version came with a bonus disc, containing loads of remixes of their songs. since the limited edition is no longer availbale, i thought it interesting to make it available. you can get the bonus disc here.

yes – the festivities and the look back on 20 years of explorations in sound seemed to have in a way liberated the young gods. next was the album super ready / fragmenté – i’m tempted to call it “classic young gods”, again produced by roli mosimann (yes, hes has been mentioned here before), sounding very fresh, very much “we’re in the mood to kick ass again”. at the same time the young gods have been asked by the swiss magazine truce to be the first artists to start their series of truce diaries. this means a book with writings of the members of the young gods, texts from other people, interviews, pictures and collages. and it came with a cd full of – well, songs, and bits and pieces. it has a very trippy sitar version of stay with us on it – and the great version of la fille de la mort by greta gratos… yes, really something like a sonic diary, snapshots of very different situations, ready to let us imagine our own stories. and yes, also this is out of print – and yes, i also uploaded it for your personal little roadtrip here.

this comissioned work actually had a bigger impact then first thought – accompanying the release of this book the young gods have been asked to play a special show – an acoustic show. this grew bigger and bigger – to the release of their current record, knock on wood. but that is something for the next post on the young gods…

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  1. Cowboy Says:

    Great! Thanks for share!

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    my pleasure!

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