mb stands for memi beltrame. and memi beltrame does movies. nice movies. wicked movies. time he becomes famous….

so here an indication where he comes from – a documentary, him discussing with his mother his early experiences with film… yeah, the early exposure to fellini and herzog explains quite a lot.

for more movies by mister beltrame (be it about spaghettis, be it about the (too) perfect lover) you can go here.


and for more information and fan-mail please visit his website.

2 Responses to “mb?”

  1. mb Says:

    Yeah, my mom on your website. that’s wicked…

    btw: werner herzog has somehow become the epitomy of the selfcontrolled, ultracool director. he’s a true rockstar
    e.g. when klaus kinski goes berzerk

    the whole rant (enacted with pantoffel-puppets!) is here:

    or he gets shot

    or henry rollins sucks up to him

  2. C around R Says:

    very nice, very cute indeed ………..
    hm …
    reminds me of one of my projects I never realized:
    interviewing my mother about the music she used to hear while being pregnant with me ……

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