so – i finally managed to force m to leave a comment – and since there are quite some pointers i would like to represent this comment here – and add some comments of mine, too.

…btw: werner herzog has somehow become the epitomy of the selfcontrolled, ultracool director. he’s a true rockstar
e.g. when klaus kinski goes berzerk

true – very cool and selfcontrolled – and then he manages to tell us that he is the one to fear. fantastic.

the whole rant (enacted with pantoffel-puppets!) is here:

or he gets shot

or henry rollins sucks up to him

well – there would be a lot to say about henry rollins, of course. what i find fantastic is that werner herzog comes across tougher then mister rollins when he explains the “being shot at episode” – which is an interesting episode (see link above) because we get to see his somehow surprising choice of underwear. hmmm…

unfortunately i am not that familiar with werner herzog’s body of work (especially concerning his newer stuff). what i found always fascinating was the relationship between him and klaus kinski, his alter ego, his nemesis, his best fiend:

the above clip is an excerpt from that movie, presenting a short bit of his (in)famous performance of jesus christ erlöser – more information you’ll find on this website.

what is somehow odd – because it fits in this series of posts of “old stuff”, of digging out music from the past, is that an interview of klaus kinski is one of my earliest tv-memories. i remember being totally flabbergasted – finally someone who dared to be, well, normal. to tell a journalist that the question asked sucks.

i might get around one day to do something more substantial on mister kinski – for the time being have a look at youtube: there is quite a lot to see. and funny to see that old interview and realising that next to him sits manfred krug (which is a different story again…).

2 Responses to “comment”

  1. C around R Says:

    I really had a great night last night, with Kinski, Herzog and co ….
    wonder if these kind of attitudes of people are dying out ….
    well, I guess, the “real stars” are dying out –
    nowadays we get the stories of spoiled kids getting rich too fast
    without having achieved…
    good old days when the world was black and white –
    when there was war of ideologies and real starhood

    read the interview with Patti Smith in the NZZ of today ….
    hm …….
    mission versus egoism /narcism??
    I guess, to fulfill a mission needs kind of egoism and narcism
    hm … Joni Mitchel a painter ….
    and a reproduction of Patti Smith’s house …
    to delve into her atmospheric inspirational emotional world …..
    kind of weird …
    so, the cave of Lascaux have been reproduced – to safe the real ones
    they consider doing the same with the tombs and pyramids in Egypt …
    Las Vegas … we will all have you …….
    close the real ones … and let people just wonder about the incredible achievements of the past –

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    so finally get around putting my 2 cents in… real starhood? starhood just gets constructed differently these days – and i’m not really sure if in earlier times the contemporary stars always had achieved something, i.e. what we still know today is what lasted. quite some stars of past times are forgotten – as a lot of stars of today will be. and let’s not forget that being a rich kid always has been a good way to start a career. hm, i haven’t thought about stardom for a while – i guess it is less of a topic for me these days. although i am getting quite some madonna together for R. 😉

    read the patti smith interview as well – well, what mission exactly? saving the rebellious nature of rock ‘n’ roll? seeing the rise of hair metal and mainstream-stadion rock in the eighties she failed big time. i have to admit that i am a little bit annoyed at a certain type of older artist telling us that “back in the days we had a mission”. what mission? what results? and what are you doing now? it just too often seems about getting a more arty attitude, publishing art-books about the oh-so important time of for example punk, blablabla. as we have seen here in z. last year with the publication of this big book – and all these very well established, driving cool cars, middle aged men coming out and telling us that they are still punk and that they “at least had a mission”. argh, just fuck off. how can you still be a punk like you were at sixteen? only if you did not evolve at all. and seen in the light of other musicians that are still on their mission, i just find these kind of statements cynic (hösli is a good example of NOT buying into that kind shallow talk). huh, i get really heated up, it seems…
    yeah, the reproduction of her living room for an exhibition is rather icky – and of course she has to mention that the table is from michael stipe (but the chairs are only reproductions…). this is really rather silly – you put it so nicely: “to delve into her inspirational emotional world” – and i’m afraid it actually stands like that in the catalogue. what a big load of crap. funny that the questions concerning these reproductions she does not really answer. and let’s not forget that the exposition takes place at the fondation cartier. she plays to the same rules as the “young ones” she accuses… i guess i am just frustrated at the total lack of self-reflection…

    and well, the topic of reproductions in the area of art and archeology is a quite discussed one these days – i guess it has to do with authenticity and the remarkable shift of how we construct authenticity – it is these days less essential (the original object) and more emotional / experience driven. hm, a discussion about authenticity i tried to have once here:

    and as a little side comment. on the same page with the interview is something about coldplays new album (actually produced by brian eno, ha!). i only realized today that the cover of this record is based on part of the famous painting depicting la marianna leading the french revolution to its victory…. well well well… and the the record is called “viva la vida” – why do i suddenly think of robespierre?

    so – don’t know if these rambling make any sense… hope you enjoyed it anway. ; )

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