request: arno

yes, i know, there are quite some requests pending – i’ll get to them all, don’t you worry… first request fullfilled is arno. so it’s back to belgium, this time sexually more…hm, ambiguous – definitly queer, i would say.

j’aime les femmes, j’aime les garçons
et comme j’ai déjà dit, j’aime les zizi’s

putain putain c’est vachement bien
nous sommes quand même tous des europeens

tc matic – putain putain

so i have been actually asked for a re-up of the live recording from 1990 – done. get it at the original post.

but then i am a terribly nice guy, and looking incredibly good and all that, so here you get a bonus: more arno live – an even earlier one: arno live at the hot point festival, switzerland in 1988. taped from radio and then ripped as two mp3 files @224 – it is the full concert without encore – and yes, the last song he played that evening was putain putain… get it here.

and enjoy!

One Response to “request: arno”

  1. urbanology Says:

    ja ja ja
    there is a little “present” at my blog for you 😉

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