dessert? gilbert!

already during steven’s nude club, mister hösli started a side project. while the nude club was about energy, party and having a good time, it seemed that hösli found out that he actually knew how to write lyrics. very good lyrics. lyrics one should pay attention to. so a solo project developed – playing in small venues, small theaters, places dedicated to “kleinkunst” – small art – small in audience size and ressources available, that is. but nothing small about his rhymes – excellent musings about life – acid, tender, drunk – and always to the point. in the beginning he did use a stage name for this at the time side project: gilbert dessert (and i remember that his first public appearance actually happened in front of a backdrop painted by davix: a giant strawberry cake). and he even published under this name a tape. i guess this must be now a real rare treat – so i ripped it for your pleasure – let me present to you: the great gilbert dessert in: keiner fällt tiefer. ripped from tape as mp3@224 you can get it here (link expired). enjoy!

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