pointers: d.k.b – and then some more great music

well – great music will also come up here – i am just listening thru some stuff to do some posts about. something…different. but then that’s to be expected, right? and then i got some more stuff from the duchess and then i guess i have to post some dirty guitars for all the visitors from the twilightzone!

in the meantime:

d.k.b. finally did it! time to pat me on the shoulder…eeerr, to pat him on the shoulder: he started his own blog, throwing up his art (music and images). very slick. so head over and have a look! very slick and of course in a good way…hmmm…strange.


(tearoom 4 B by dkb)

and then i would like to send you over to urbanology for some music: if you liked lord antics, then you most probably also like the kingstonians. and he posted booker t. & the m. g.’s – aaah, yes. and he promised to post some otis, too. but the best is still to come: fat freddy’s drop – live in amsterdam. mmmhhh – this is so smooth and gentle and nice – who needs springtime with music like this? i have to admit that they shone up on my radar, but i never took the time to listen to them. shame on me. one of the great discoveries of the last months for me.

so – that’s all for now. keep these comments flowing and – enjoy!

2 Responses to “pointers: d.k.b – and then some more great music”

  1. urbanology Says:

    mh yes, the otis record will come for sure, just at the moment I´m just happy to be back, after all that long long weeks 🙂

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    yeah – i started to worry already ; )
    good to have you back – and well, there is no need for a hurry.

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