update and reup: santrra

a while ago i found something i knew was around, but did not know where: a box with some old tapes of mine. aaah – a real treasure chest!

there has been quite a lot of stuff i did not even remember i had – yep, it was like some kind of late christmas (and showing me what a good taste in music i had already as a young one). so in the future you will see some of that stuff pop up here – be afraid!


the first is a live-recording by one of the first artists i posted on this blog: santrra.

the concert is a real early one: from 29.03.1987 at the rote fabrik in zürich, switzerland. it is very charming – and yes, she still reminds me of nico – it is the stubborness of standing alone on stage, in this case with just an accordeon – she comes across as very vulnerable and at the same time as very strong. nice.

so definitly something not to miss! ripped from tape@128, since the recording is in mono (remember mono, huh?). at the beginning and at the end there is some talking (it obviously has been taped from radio). in the first one and a half minutes you also hear the tape squeal – but then the quality is good. unfortunatly they did not transmit the full concert – so it is only about 20 minutes long. yeah, it leaves you wanting for more…

get it here. if you want more santrra: go here – i thought it a good occassion to reup the different recordings i posted at the time. there you get also more information on the artist.

and she has now also a myspace profile. yeah, not only huun-huun-tur and die ärzte are their myspace friends, but also marc almond… so you might want to drop her a line and say thank you for the great music…

and now: enjoy!

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