et hop! el electro


to get you in the mood for the next et hop!-post which will be rather big (it will be closer to “my turf”) here a mix that foreshadows what i will be talking about and what i will propose you to listen to.

it is one of these rare mixes that stayed over the years with me. i do listen to quite some dj-mixes – most mixes i listen to once or twice – then there are the mixes i take a liking to and listen to quite a lot over a period of time. and then there are very few mixes that never leave, that i listen to over and over again over the years, that become iconic for various reasons. the mix i present today is one of them.

it is a mix that is uncompromising in its musicality – it has quite a scope and a strange flow that seems somehow odd but is at the same time compelling. and being so focused on being musical, it seems to me in an interesting way an elusive mix: somehow i always think i get it – but i do have to relisten to it again and again. the beauty in it all is that i never get it: it seems that this mix is made to make sense in many ways and manages everytime to shift its sense depending on when and where i listen to it.

not a stranger to this blog, it is a mix by d.k.b. (yeah, really one of your best ones!) called el electro. i do not know why “el” (related to the cover?) – but the “electro” points you into the direction of the musical genre, loosely…


get it here. i ripped it from tape as 2 mp3-files (side a / side b), the coverart is inluded. and you better listen to it on a good system / with good headphones: it has quite some bass…



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