actualité: (name removed upon request) @ têtu

if you are in a french speaking area (or some place international) you might be able to pick up a copy of the french gay mag têtu. and in there you’ll find a portfolio with the beautiful pictures of (name removed upon request) – not a stranger to this blog.

well, basically i just wanted to post another photograph of his…

(image removed by request)

(name removed upon request) – (title remove upon request)

(link to homepage removed upon request)

2 Responses to “actualité: (name removed upon request) @ têtu”

  1. urbanology Says:

    – nice ass!
    – hey, it is a male ass! you aren´t gay!!!!
    – but it is a nice ass
    – but you are hetero
    – mh yeah, I think so, you never can be sure, but I´m sure that this is a nice and sexy ass
    – oh my goodness, you are queered
    – and this is YOUR greatest fear? to look at a man´s ass and to think sexy and recognize “too late” that it is not a women´s ass?
    – what da fuck do you want to tell me?!!??
    – that you´re living a fearfull sexual life

    or another story I remember looking at this pic, this time I saw it on TV, it was a documentary about two guys riding with motor-bikes from london to siberia. they drove by a bicycle rider and one of them yelled “woah look at that ass”, he came nearer and nearer and he realized that it is a man, “fuck it is a man” and he had to laugh out loudly. ok, he laughed and didn´t get aggressive like others, but it was very funny to see that. ok, won´t bore you with more stories 🙂

    and also happy new year to you!

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    thanks – and i’m not bored yet.

    funny also that you mention the motor-bikes scene – m has this theory that there is a huge difference between men riding the more chopper-like bikes (showing their ccock), and men riding more racing-machines kind of bikes (showing their ass). this has nothing to do with sexual orientation – what it really means i still ponder…

    and then it is interesting – there seems to be in the last years a rising obsession with the ass in popculture. be it the female booty (again we can turn to hip hop – or to JLo, if you want). but also with the male ass – be it from a supposidly female perspective (sex and the city, and so on) of women insisting that a cute ass is important. or on the harsher side (i just discussed it these days) my observation, that in any cop-series or action movie of the newer kind there is nearly always the scene where the cops put on pressure during interrogation by drawing the picture how terrible prison is gonna be. and while i have the feeling that some years ago prison in itself was enough to scare the bad ones, it seems to me now that more or less every time it comes up now, there must be some additional pressure: the prison rape 8they’re gonna get your ass). i do not really know if this observation is accurate – my thingking was just, that in some way (besides its uglyness and me not knowing how much it is rooted in reality) it seems suddenly – through the overrepresantation – to become something normal – nearly something every bad / tough guy goes through…? i don’t really know – i’m just kind of throwing thoughts up here…

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