allright, i am somewhat behind schedule, i.e. i wanted to post quite a lot more (and quite a bit of text to balance all that music). but then life does not always go the way i want it to. actually it never does – right? and right now i am already hiding somewhere in the snow for the next couple of days – so you just get this little post to keep you entertained for the coming days.


so it’s already this time of the year of presents and all that again – so you, dear reader, will get a present, too. a very nice one, i might add. i thought – regardless of what you do or do not celebrate at this time of the year you could use some beauty, some deepness, something that combines flavours from all over the world, some breathtaking voices: some dead can dance!

and not just some recording, but a fantastic live-recording that has been published as a limited edition cd (and which is sold out, of course). so the quality is excellent, the music and the playing and singing is of course too – but well, you are missing the beautiful packaging…

so here you get part one of dead can dance live in lille, france, 2005. and here you get part two.

and if you would like more information on the artists, see what other limited edition recordings you can still buy from them (and they are worth every penny) and which ones you missed, please visit their website.

so something to listen to for later, when the overexcited kids are finally in bed and you made yourself another mug of whatever hot stuff you like and you sit in the living room with the candles slowly burning down and the fulll moon is shining outside and you start reminiscing tenderly…


4 Responses to “cadeau!”

  1. Enrique Hurtado Says:

    Dear Blogger

    Thanks very much for posting this one on DCD. I’ve listened a couple years ago on a radio station a short cut of the concert, but it’s amazing. Also the performance is superb, and the record too.

    Thanks for sharing with us,

    mery christmas to everyone,

    best regards, Enrique.

  2. cookie Says:

    Thanks for this post, the first disc is great but the second one is corrupted and cannot be unzipped. Anyway, thanks for posting this, again.

  3. hono Says:

    great post in advance, love their dreamy medievalism, thanks so much! arfur

  4. sunbathinglizard Says:

    my pleasure – glad you like it!

    @cookie: you might want to try again to download part two – i experienced no problems at all…?

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