request – talk talk, live

not much i can say about talk talk that has not been said (written, repectively) already. a great band already in their “pop period” – and even more interesting when they committed commercial suicide and made extremly unique and beautiful music. if you are not familiar with their body of work, and you should be!, then i recommend you head over to stefan of paris for a full overview. as a bonus you get mark hollis‘ solo record. absolutely fantastic stuff.

UPDATE: for more “music after talk talk” i recommend you visit un avis en passant. you have the chance again to download mark hollis and both records by o’rang (talk talk without mark hollis). definitly recommended!

but let’s get back to the request: i heard that there are talk talk bootlegs (i.e. unauthorized live recordings) around but i never came across one. but lately the in the vaults-blog posted a live recording of talk talk at the hammersmith odeon, london, from 08-05-1986.


interested? get it here. or get it here.

i offered over at the vaults to put up the only official talk talk live recording: talk talk – london 1986.



the offer has been taken up – so get it here. and enjoy! and since i have it from somewhere off the net: thank’s to the original uploader.

and while we’re at it: i think the next ones comes from the nice people over at sfrp – it is a
talk talk live
recording from 1984 in holland. also a great quality bootleg – the tracklist reads as follows:

01. Such A Shame
02. My Foolish Friend
03. Have You Heard The News
04. The Party’s Over
05. Dum Dum Girl
06. Tomorrow Started
07. It’s My Life
08. Talk Talk
09. Call In The Night Boy
10. Hate
11. Mirror Man
12. Does Caroline Know
13. Renee

get it here.

so – that should be enough talk talk live for the moment (well, more i do not have, anyway…).

11 Responses to “request – talk talk, live”

  1. A Says:

    Thank You! I was looking for that…

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    you’re welcome! enjoy!

  3. massimo Says:

    Hi, i’m very interested in both of Talk Talk’s live bootleg but by clicking on the links you gave i’m going nowhere near, is it so difficult?
    there’s gotta be a link that take you directly to the download or i have to through all the login and complicated stuff that i’m not good with?

  4. sunbathinglizard Says:

    hi massimo,
    well, one link leads to another blog – there you have to click on the sharebee link…
    then one link is dead
    and the last link opens a page where you have to click on “request a download ticket” and then on the download link which should open a dialog-box…
    well, it isn’t that direct – but hey, it is for free….
    hope you are able to download it now!

  5. massimo Says:

    thanks very much for the info, i managed to download it, really cool!!!
    thanks again!

  6. sunbathinglizard Says:

    my pleasure. i’m glad it worked!
    should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me. 😉

  7. massimo Says:

    since you knew about this link, i wonder if you know more about 80’s bands “unofficial” live somewhere out there in the net….
    for example i like The Dream Academy, Prefab Sprout, Tears for Fears…

  8. sunbathinglizard Says:

    hi massimo,
    yes, i do know a few link which might help. i will get back to you because of these in the next days. and well, i might have some tears for fears recordings somewhere – if you are interested…

  9. massimo Says:

    that would be good, i appreciate it.
    thanks again.

  10. sunbathinglizard Says:

    in case you haven’t seen it, you’ll find some interesting links in this post:

  11. dumdufriend Says:

    hey i click on the links but it say “no such thing ” on the concert of 1982… plz help 🙂

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