et hop! impending doom is no reason not to have relaxed beats

obviously the impending apocalypse is no reason to get all excited – it seems that there is enough time to do at least another blunt…

the obsession with doom and the apocalypse does usually not make for good books, and rarely for good movies – but it does seem it is a sure sign for interesting music. my personal theory concerning this has to do with the blunt: if we believe the old & wise rastas, weed makes you very receptive for these kind of ideas – and weed seems to help make good music, too. hm, i will have to think about this theory a little bit more and get the opinions of some experts, too…

so i do not know if mood are into weed or not – but they sure made a stunning album, doom.


an album that has been played by me over and over again – an album i rarely tire of – and which still sounds fresh and relevant – and still is, i think. relaxed, smooth – but also eery. the apocalypse rarely sounded that friendly… but be not fooled: the apocalypse is pending, nevertheless.

so if you dare, here the album doom by mood. ripped from vinyl@224. and now relax and accept the inevitable…

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