et hop! everyone has a secret…

…mine is the fire when the city sleeps.


slowly we move into somewhat darker territory – but i wanted to start completly different:

yeah, there is jazzy hip hop. usually that means a lot of jazz samples and a kind of earthy and/or nostalgic feel. oh, and miles davis made a hip hop record (although it has been finished after he passed away).

and then there is mc 900 ft jesus. i always thought he must have an education as jazz musician – although i can not really pinpoint down why – something to do with his, eerr, music sensibility, i guess (and with the music, of course). all while inventing somehow his own world – a strange world, sure. especially in hip hop i am attracted to these artists which create through their music and/or lyrics their own unique world – and mc 900 ft jesus certainly does this. he made three records which are all somewhat different – but all three of them are strange in a fascinating way (well, the first one is somewhat less interesting). music with a slightly eery feel and rather mad lyrics – yes, exactly my cup of tea. so as an introduction to his world here the cd-single to his great song the city sleeps. you get the radio edit, the vocal remix, the clarinet remix, and an instrumental version. ripped as mp3’s @224. get it here.

what he does now i do not know – there have been rumours on the net that he might become activ as mc 900 ft jesus again – but proof is still outstanding. if anybody knows more – drop me a line.

and now: welcome to his dream!

BONUS: yes, welcome. welcome to my dream that album is actually called. get it here. enjoy!

UPDATE: just goes to show that i should do better research… sigh. for everybody too lazy looking at the comments: krab klaw kock (aaahhh, that alias is really making me think in interesting directions) informs us that all his albums are up on

thank you! and i very much recommend one step ahead of the spider – i do find that album somewhat more psychedelic and trippy – and yes, one of the most, hm, remarkable? daring? cool? opener for a record…

6 Responses to “et hop! everyone has a secret…”

  1. OMP3R Says:

    cool i must say

  2. drfeelgoed Says:

    I have a few of his albums & love this track. Never knew this CD maxi version, so many thanx!
    On my site I still have his Falling Elevators CD single available:

  3. sunbathinglizard Says:

    thanks for sharing!

  4. Krab Klaw Kock Says:

    all his albums are up on

  5. tamas Says:

    lizard, many thanx … 😉

  6. sunbathinglizard Says:

    my pleasure 🙂

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