request: gianna, the first

aaah, la gianna…

gianna nannini. one of the great italian singers. great and unique voice. great songs with great lyrics. powerful live persona. i kind of lost a little bit touch with her work in the nineties – to my ears it just sounded too overproduced. but then she came “back” with the stunning album aria.

but only lately i found out that she already made records before her breakthrough record california. her first record is from 1976 and simply titled gianna nannini. less rock, more singer / songwriter in a pop-way then her later work, it is actually a very nice record. so i do not understand why it has never been re-issued. requested by my favourite lesbian couple (gianna nannini has a devoted lesbian following, although she was (still is?) somewhat reluctant to to be a full-out lesbian…), i of course have to oblige (they might be petite and cute, but..).


i ripped it from vinyl@224 as mp3’s track by track. so get gianna nannini’s first record here. enjoy!

you’ll find her official website here.

and if you can catch her live: do it!

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