i’ve got you under my skin

listening to peggy lee, more precise to the cole porter song i’ve got you under my skin, reminded me of i’ve got you under my skin – but of the version by neneh cherry. and n had to admit that he has never heard her version and has never seen the very beautiful video by jean-baptiste mondino. great stuff. so here it is.

this version by neneh cherry comes from the sampler red hot + blue. the title refers to a cole porter musical and is a record full of cole porter songs by different artists. this sampler – reissued last year with all the videos included – has been the first release of the red hot organisation – an organisation raising awarenes and funds for the fight against aids. they put out an interesting series of compilations, which are from the quality of the music presented way above most benefit samplers. for more information please visit their website here.

then – neneh cherry is making music again – this time with a band called cirKus – their website you’ll find here.

and jean-baptiste mondino’s website is here.

and the here the website of kd lang – this because we conclude this post with another excerpt of the red hot + blue sampler, kd lang’s beautiful version of so in love:

3 Responses to “i’ve got you under my skin”

  1. norman Says:

    thank u so much for the neneh cherry…very different and stylish video.
    i must add…just love that k.d.lang song and in the mood.
    strange things happen beyound our control…but in the long run all will turn to gold.

  2. R in C Says:

    where was I a year ago ????
    I missed all this a year ago to listen to it a year later
    remembering the years back, when these songs were new and exciting – still they are today
    today – love nourished by nostalgia, as years pass by
    days filled with cultural practices, polices and differences
    Aids dropped from agendas (we loved Neneh Cherry soooo much for her song)
    ((speaking out loud, showing WORDS))
    and housework still to be done, intimate moments, lost in routine watering plants, washing dishes, rinsing clothes, cleaning floors, removing dust from books and CDs
    deep emotions in the bloom of life

  3. sunbathinglizard Says:

    where were we?
    first: the aids topic has to be tackled again – it’s planned, and i have been greatly inspired by a book i read not too long ago…
    second: yes, that whole red and hot record is indeed great. funny is that now, one year later, i am about topost that other great cole porter record…
    and yes, we do love neneh cherry for ever for doing that song the way she did.

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