aids and music

yeah, we introduced the topic aids and music already with the post “i’ve got you under my skin”. and today is world aids day. hm, somehow i don’t want to comment on that topic right now.

but i have seen that j d doyle of queer music heritage made in november a radio show (of three hours) to the topic of songs referring to aids. queer music heritage is a fantastic, i repeat fantastic website with a lot to discover on it. i have to admit that i am still discovering a lot of unkown music there. and i have already planned to refer to some of his shows in coming posts.

so if you would like to listen to this show, go here. the general link to his website is just be warned – he makes a show every month since seven years…

then there are two songs he did not play on this show (there are quite a lot of other songs one could have played – but then diamanda galas is not exactly radiofriendly, huh?), but which are for me somehow essential songs dealing with aids – and were at the time important for me also because of this context. the first one is a rather obvious choice, it’s one by u2. not the new version (which i do not like), but the old one. although there has been a strange story not about the song, but about the first video (there are three in total), done by anton corbijn, usually called the berlin-video. soon after its release it has been pulled again – there was some official statement at mtv that the band was worried that showing them in drag would give a wrong idea of the personality of the band members… errr, what? well, i haven’t seen that particular video around for a while, but thanks to youtube we can watch it again. and yes, it is a very fine song. and for me it is about aids…

and now to a lesser known song, a song i already cried to. one of jimmy sommerville finest’s. for a friend from the communards album red. have a – good? bad? mourningful? – aids day…

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