actualité: from music to politics

so pm howard lost, rudd is the new kid on the block and presented yesterday his new ministers. and surprise surprise, there is a known face!


yeah, there was this record in the eighties everybody seemed to know by heart – an easy one for dj’s, they could just play the whole record and everybody was singing along (i witnessed it, well, sung along, too). the record was called diesel and dust, the band midnight oil. its frontman, peter garrett, has been chosen this week as minister for environment for the australian governement. congratulations! yep, from music to politics – but then their music was always political, too.
so that is a good moment to give you some midnight oil – a live bootleg from 1993 – and it’s an acoustic set – and yes, it includes their big hits. and yes, it’s really good. get it here (link expired)! enjoy!

and if you want to congratulate: peter garrett’s website.

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